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proboscisproboscis Member
edited September 2012 in Snuff House Library
Here's a link that members might enjoy: a paper on tobacco use in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

I'll be renting the Brett/Holmes series with my next disks from Netflix. Lots of smoking and tobacco use and in many a fans opinion the greatest interpretation of Holmes ever put on film.


  • No I'm not a member but I do enjoy S.H. I especially like the adaptations starring Jeremy Brett.
  • Oh, here's a link to read SH Stories!
  • I watched the episode _The Dying Detective_ tonight from the Granada series starring Jeremy Brett. There's a great line at the end of the show from Holmes, the inveterate smoker, as he lights up a cigarette:

    "Three days without food and water is one thing, but to be without tobacco I have found most irksome."

    Tobacco in the movie:

    Holmes smokes cigarettes and his churchwarden (no doubt filled with his famous "black shag")
    Holmes gets a parcel in the mail of Rhodesian tobacco (this was a source of leaf for the Lake District blends, but I don't know if that still holds true since Mugabe has buggered up the country).
    Holmes and Watson smoking pipes.
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