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Where to buy Chema

I've been using snuff for the better part of a year now. On my last order from Mr. snuff I decided to try some different oral tobaccos I picked up a can of chema cafe by poschl and a pack of oliver twist eucalyptus flavored bits. I didn't care much for the bits they are nice because I can use them at work without anyone knowing. They keep me from getting any nicotine cravings, but don't quite satisfy my craving. The chema was exactly opposite it was like a nicotine train that blindsided me the first time I used it. I would love to order more chema cafe but the only place I have found it is on Mr. snuff and is a little over $8 a can which is too pricy for me to work it into my daily routine. Does anyone use chema that lives in the states? can you get it anywhere in the US? Or does anyone know a better deal online?
Thanks for all input.


  • Have you tried Makla? Its basically the same thing as Chema. Its about half the cost per tin on Mr.Snuff, although the tins are 10g smaller. Be careful, Neffa Ifrikia is listed as a Makla, but it is nasal snuff.

    Not sure where else to get it. Maybe some of the German webshops, though Pöschl doesn't sell it in Germany. (I checked and they don't have it, but you can write to them and ask if they will carry it). I think its only made for export to France and Belgium.
  • I also think that if you have tried Chema by Pöschl and liked it, then you should try Makla by Sifaco. I´ve tried both plain and menthol varieties of Chema and Makla, and the latter wins hands down in Nicotine department. In fact, I owe to a big pinch of Makla Ifrikia my first nicotine rush bad trip... But it was a newbie´s blunder.
    If you know any people that travel to Europe (Belgium, France, Germany or Spain), you should ask them to do you a favor and buy some. In Spanish Tobacco Shops ("Estancos") you can buy 3 Chema and 4 Makla varieties. They cost around 1,50 € a tin.
  • I might just give Makla by Sifaco a try. I know that chema and makla are pretty much the same product but, I am specifically looking for the chema cafe or something similar. It is coffee flavored and I absolutely loved it! I was hoping that it being a product popular in the arab world that maybe shops in an area with a dense arab population might carry it. So if anyone knows of a coffee or similar flavored makla please tell!
    Thank you both Xander and Snuffvillian for your input.
  • I think carries Pöschl Chema, although they are in Germany I think they reimport it from either France or Belgium. I was only ever able to try it thanks to the kindness of a Snuffhouse member in Germany who gifted it to me. Its potent stuff for sure.
  • AllanHAllanH Member
    edited September 2013 PM
    Makla and chema are the same thing, makla was just a brand name for old Bentchicou family company products in Algeria, and it kind stuck on when they established production in Belgium. Good link in French here:
  • Sorry lads, the LaTribune link is Dead but I post the saved page when I figure out how.
  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    We should take into acount that Chema by Pöschl is no more that the same tobacco flour they use in some of their snuffs mixed with salt and other essences (mint, coffee). It has a different texture, flavour and nicotine content than Makla or other actual Algerian Chema. It seems that Pöschl jumped recently on a long time moving train (traditional Chema is a very different thing: nicotiana rustica and coarse texture, to begin with). Perhaps it´s just a way of expanding their market, or maybe an attempt to achieve a vantageous step in case SNUS prohibition in EU is abolished, testing and producing a similar product...
  • dasrdasr Member
    why doesnt @mrsnuff carry pöschl chema anymore?
  • edited July 2014 PM
    @dasr‌ we lost our supplier of Chema. Looking for another one but it is tough.
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