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snuffs close to mcchrystals o&g

betonentebetonente Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
o&g is an extraordinarily good snuff. i like it a lot and will keep buying it.

it is quite expensive however. plus i am curious whether there is something that is close but just a hit different. like a bit more eucalyptus, a bit more or less menthol, a bit more or less tobacco-taste.

so is there anything close to it?
i heard the new poeschl snuff (maccartney or something) isclose. but not tred i yet, forgot to order last time and dont feel like paying shipping again. will have to wait till back in germany.
than how does toque menthol compare?

thank you!


  • If its just the price, you can save much money if you buy their 200 grams cans.
  • thank you, didi878.
    its not just the price. anyhow, how much are there 200g cans?

    the other issue i have with o&g is, that i find it a bit too fine and a hint to dry. would like something more moist and coarse. i am just unable to keep anything fine and dry out of my throat..

    plus something even cooler in the nose might be even better. (maybe more eucalyptus?)
  • The price is 39,50 EUR for 200 grams here.. this is 1,97
    EUR for 10 grams, and I would pay 4.2 EUR for the 8.75 grams can..
    I just use snuff since few weeks, so i can t help you with a
    recommendation for a alternative.
  • thank you.
    200g really sounds like a lot. and the price would come out lower than i thought. will give that a thought.
  • I m in germany and buy it at They also have the Wilsons snuffs
    in 1/2 Drum (227 grams) and 1 Drum (454 gram) cans for a very good price. Just
    ask your favourite snuff store for it.. if they don t have it, they can order it for you,
    but maybe you must wait 2 weeks until it arrives..
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    There are quite a few that are similar to O&G with slight differences. Just have a look at some of the Wilson's menthol offerings. Like SM 500, SM Blue, SM Brown, Honey Menthol. Also Gawith Hoggarth CM (camphor/menthol) and Hedges L260, Samuel Gawith Extra Menthol, SG Zip, SG Sam's Own, SG CCC, SG Mentholene.
  • @troutstroker
    thank you very much. that was exactly the information i was hoping for. as you did not mention toque menthol i guess it is very different? look forward to trying it then.
  • I want to chip in here - I know O&G is knocked by a few people - partly, I think, because its so popular but in my opinion there isnt another snuff that has the same character. I like lots of snuffs, all different kinds, but O&G is the one snuff I cant let my stash run dry of.
  • bobbob Member
    I've personaly noticed that all the menthols I've tried are very diffrent from each other. Some I could smell test really easily. Still haven't tried O&G yet though every time I've tried mcrystals the base tobacco scent has really offended my nose (maybe they where old who knows) really slight but enough to make me not want to pick their choices when others are avilable. If it was all I could get at least it wouldn't be Dean Swift (which I think is probably more likely made by McCryatals then Wilsons based mostly off of that most of the time if a distributour carries one they carry the other but no other choices at least that has been my experience.)
  • i know ozona president. and even though i like it, i have to agree with samorost that it is completely different form o&g. but president sure is a good snuff and sit sure is moist.
  • Ozona President is citrus toned.
  • really..? i do not seem to remember citrus scent. but then, it has been a while. should try it again.
  • edited April 2008 PM
    If I happen to be out of O&G I tend to gravitate towards Wilson's SM Brown, SM Blue and GH's CM. With the SM Brown being my favorite of the 3. While none of them are very close in scent to the OG, I do find I get close to the same kind of satisfaction with the Brown.

    Edit: I left off one, I haven't had any in a long time but seem to recall that Dr. Johnson's by Dean Swift is a decent menthol as well. I have been out of it for some time, but the fact that I finished the whole container says something about it in itself.
  • bobbob Member
    Some Eucalyptus has a distinct citrus tone in it which president certainly has.
  • all that talk about eucalyptus makes me want to eat a koala bear...
  • MMMMM koala's are good eatin' especially cooked in a smoker with a little plum wood and a hearty red wine!!!!
  • really?
    in fact i think i have absorbed too much of that cute-teddy image ofthem to really enjoy a koala dish...
    still... do they taste like eucalyptus?
  • Wonder if pandas taste like bamboo?
  • betonentebetonente Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    unlikely. bamboo does not have a very distinct or intense taste or smell.
    in fact its lack of extreme characteristics makes it one of the main topoi in buddhist and confucian lyrics (with slight differences in connotations).
  • bobbob Member
    grassy I would guess
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