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Westfalen Prise

betonentebetonente Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
had the pleasure of trying the westfalenprise.

it comes in a german style 10g bag and does no state the producer. it states that it contains menthol and that it is a refreshing and tasty snuf for connoiseurs. the name "Westfalen Prise" refers to the german state of westphalia and "Prise" does of course mean "pinch (of snuff)".

out of the box (or bag) it has a fresh scent of aniseed and the menthol is quite noticable too.

on the hand, the color is mid-brown and rather fine-ground. it looks reasonably moist.

in the nose, this clearly is an aniseed/licorice snuff and the scent is stronger than that of the "Loewenprise". the menthol is of the fresh type (as in O&G) and does not burn. the aroma of aniseed/licorice, menthol and maybe eucalyptus holds for quite a time. when it goes, this is only to make room for a tobaccoish aroma that lasts quite long too. i is still obviously a strongly scented snuff and the natural-only guys might not like it.

to me it is nearly as refreshing as the O&G and the price is very good (1.35 EUR for 10g at Rajeks). i prefer this to poeschls loewenprise.

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