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How deep do you take yours?

proboscisproboscis Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking
How deeply do you inhale when you take your snuff? I ask this because I don't necessarily find it unpleasant to feel the snuff coating the back of my throat or even entering my lungs to some extent. As long as I am gentle on the sniff I can do this without coughing. I don't know if this is good, bad or indifferent to take it like this and I'm wondering about other peoples opinions, methods and habits.


  • i find it very unpleasant if the tobacco goes into my throat. so i try to take the tobacco only deep enough to just be able to enjoy the scent and feel a light burn (which i find pleasant).
    for me usually a short medium-hard sniff while making a face works best.
    super dry snuffs i usually dont take. just too hard to keep out of my throat.
  • I would be cautious about inviting the dust into the lungs. There is a disease out there called tabacosis which is chronic tobacco poisoning or pneumoconiosis from inhaling tobacco dust. This is the same as black lung which coal miners experience or bakers lung which bakers get from getting flour in their lungs.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    proboscis, maybe you would have liked this job. This was an article that snuffgrinder posted on an older discussion, its a story of a man working in a snuff mill.

    The Job That Was Dreaded By Everyone
  • I do everything I can to avoid having snuff going into my throat. It's an unpleasant feeling and I can't imagine why someone would find it enjoyable. To each their own.
  • When I first started snuffing, I enjoyed the fine snuffs, and sniffed too hard, and I caught a few chest "colds", I am convinced, from inhaling the snuff into the lungs. No other symptoms but a thick, smoker's type of cough.
    Now days I find the pinch to be the best way to control fines. Some fines are still very difficult to control, though.
  • RoamRoam Member
    I use just like betonente using Gawith Apricot,but when I'm using Gletscher Priese I take it in sharper because of the Columbian oil.
  • I tried putting a little Rooster that was stuck on my finger in my mouth, won't be doing that again ever!
  • Yeah its was pretty bad. I pretty much instantly went to the kitchen sink and put my mouth under the faucet!
  • Yeah troutstroker, that was in the back of my head when I posted this question. I suspect breathing any kind of dust on a constant basis might cause lung disease or problems. I do enjoy the feeling of a moderate amount of the fairy dust tickling the back of my throat though. I'll have to check my technique. Right now I'm too stuffed up for snuff. Couldn't get to my saline spray to irrigate my sinuses all day and towards the end of the day I wound up doing some dusty work that made things worse. I did dip some Garrett that got me through the day. Hey, if they use it in India for oral hygiene maybe it's not going to bugger up my teeth. My main reason for giving up chew and dip (recently) was because I'm starting to get some recession in my gums and was worried I might encourage it with chewing.
  • What do you mean by "pinch" sprangalang? All I use (at the moment at least) are fine and dry and I hold a pinch of it fairly tight between my fingers and sniff that. It will take me quite a few light sniffs before I take it all in. In other words, I don't take a pinch and breathe it all up at once.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    proboscis, have you tried some of the techniques I have posted on previous discussions? If not, experiment with a few and I'm sure you'll find one that helps. The one problem with tobacco as a tooth cleaner is that it is abrasive and can wear down the enamel. There was an old victorian recipe to whiten teeth that involved vinegar and tobacco. It did whiten the teeth but over time it actually ate into them and caused a lot of pain.

    These are the basic techniques you can try if you have trouble with the finer dry snuffs.

    This technique is used if you just can't keep the snuff out of the throat no matter what you try. With your right nostril you could try having the pinch in your right hand and when your pinched fingers reach the nose, reach up with the middle finger and press slightly on the outside of the nostril (on the side of nose not the top) closing the nasal passage slightly. But give these techniques below a shot!

    Well not everyone is the same. For me I take a pinch & bring it up until my thumb nail and index finger nail just touch the inside edge of the nostril. Then I give a quick light sniff while kind of flaring my nostril by raising the side of my upper lip that I'm taking a snuff on (kind of like the face you would make if something smelled bad). You need to sniff rather than just breathe in. You might try holding the pinch kind of tight and only releasing small amounts at a time & at the same time rubbing your two fingers together. You can also experiment with your head position, sometimes it works by touching your chin to your chest when you sniff. Also turning head left or right. Something else that works is filling your lungs with air before you sniff. You can also try breathing on the snuff like you were fogging a mirror before you sniff. This adds a little moisture and weight to it.
    Now one more thing you can try that works for people is bringing your fingers up to nose enough to restrict the air flow. This also creates turbulence so the air & snuff just doesn't shoot straight down the nasal canal. Also mix around with the amount of force you sniff at while doing this. Sometimes a short fast harder sniff works for people
  • Thanks for those examples troutstroker. I'll give them a try.
  • xsysxsys Member
    @Where did you found that recipe for whitening teeth? I have done some googlling, but maybe not enough.

    I use regularly two techniques: from my backhand and the index/thumb one. Both are good for me. I have discovered that most important thing for me is the angle of my head (especially when sniffing from backhand) and how strong I sniff. I do a long, strong but not rapid breath when I am using the backhand one and short sniffs when using the index/thumb one. I also slightly rub my fingers, to bring the snuff up.
  • Proboscis,
    Yes my "pinch" is the same as yours. ;)
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    xsys, here is one that also involves coral. I'll have to look for the others. You just have to search for 18th & 19th century remedies for teeth. I stumble upon them when searching around for information on snuff.

    Remedy for the teeth using snuff

    And here's another recipe:

    ground-up chalk or charcoal
    lemon juice
    tobacco and honey mixed together
  • xsysxsys Member
    @Troutstoker: Thank you. Pinch on you.
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