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Automatic Box? Rejek shipping?

dajawudajawu Member
edited April 2012 in Snuff Accessories
I was looking for an Automatic box that I heard about online. I found one from Poschl that looks like one of their snuffs but is empty inside and has a catapult. Is that the correct one? It is listed on Rajek's site. How does it work, does it just sling a pinch into your nose? Where does the snuff end up, in your nose or in your nasal cavity? Also when looking up the shipping for Rajeks site it looks like to the USA would cost like 15Euros, is that right? Thats a lot of money! To bad to because they have snuffs that I never heard of, or can't buy from the USA sites.


  • bobbob Member
    that is why if you order there order every single snuff you can't get here. Or something like that.
  • Yeah the automatic box works by pressing down on the button. This then causes the snuff thats loaded in the chamber to get a quick flick and it throws the snuff up. The box comes apart so you can load a good amount of snuff into it. Then you hold upside down and give a few taps to load the champer. They are not a long lasting device. The first one I ever bought broke on the first try then the next one lasted about 2 days. That was the end of that. Never tried again. Some people have had better experiences. But you can do the same thing with your thumb. Hold your hand like your were going to flip a coin with your thumb but instead of the coin, put snuff there instead.

    But like bob said, if you find enough hard to find stuff & accessories there at Rajek's to buy, then the shipping is worth it.
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