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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

DIY snuff scenting

shh_2012shh_2012 Member
edited November 2012 in Types of Snuff
So I recently started snuff and wanted to try my hand at scenting my own, mainly because I live in a relatively small town and the only snuff I have able to find is W.H. Garrett and Sons Scotch Snuff. I've heard you can use essential oils, which I can find here. Do you just add a drop to the can and let it sit overnight or what? Tips, advice, etc. would be much appreciated
*Also, not really a fan of ordering online.


  • One way of doing it is to put a drop of oil on a piece of cotton and let that rest in the snuffbox for a day.

    If you would allow me to speculate, i think adding the oil directly to the snuff will mess up the moisture-level and give a too strong scent. That won't stop me from doing it though, once i get some essential oils ordered.
  • Citrus peels work to hydrate and scent, fresh mint, lemon balm leaves.really shiny coffee beans.pure extracts.Artificial flavorings, Tasty Puff Herb & Tobacco Flavor Drops, and the list goes on. Put a sample of snuff in a sealed container and scent in a separate spot not in contact with snuff. Let marriage consecrate over night ,sample creation if happy make more.
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  • Coffee beans are one of the best to use imho. If you can get some that are roasted that day (or at least the day before) the snuff will just suck up the oils and turn out awesome. It's hard to get fresh-roasted coffee in my little town, but one of our coffee houses has them shipped in from Seattle twice a week. The beans are only on their second day when they arrive, and they let me buy from their bulk. The stuff in the packages are like the sneezebox version of coffee beans.

    Perhaps I'm just too damned fickle.

    Also, this assumes you like coffee snuffs. =P
  • There's a little shop here that sells essential oils so I got some medicinal grade peppermint oil. I have a small tin of the WHG and I'm gonna try the cotton swab technique over night with it. Hopefully it doesn't turn out too strong. I'll update y'all tomorrow. (Yes. I am from Texas. Yes I use y'all in every situation.)
  • W.E. Garrett is all most people in the US can find locally, if anything. Snufftaking as a hobby is an online game like it or not, unless you can make your own. Also being rather harsh, it turns most potential snufftakers off.
  • well I ended up getting some medicinal grade peppermint oil, let it sit overnight. it turned out great, a little strong so I think I'll have to get some more snuff just to cut it down a little but I'm pretty happy with it. I think it's a nice coincidence that I chose peppermint right around christmas time because it reminds me of candy canes. I also went to the local cigar/pipe tobacco/manly shaving accessories store (yes they sell the good barber razors and stuff like that) asking about snuff, and while the owner said that they don't sell it, he was going to order some different ones and give me a call when they come in. Small businesses are great.
  • and also I love the W.E. Garrett just because the scent reminds me of 2 things, a campfire, something I love the smell of after years of being a Boy Scout, and a barbecue pit because my father used to barbecue all the time. so it brings back some memories too. and the strength is nice.
  • Citrus peels work to hydrate and scent...
    I have some Molens Hollandse Bolongaro (because I like saying the name! Hollandse Bolongaro! Hollandse Bolongaro!) which seems a little delicate in scent for me compared to their excellent Pompadour and Bon Bon*, so I stuck a little bit of orange peel in there for a few hours to see what happened. Rather nice, I might try another bit in there, this time overnight.

    (*I don't know if it's supposed to be that mild, when I got it from SnuffStore just before it changed to a new owner the box had no tape around the lid and base, the label was trapped under the lid and the box seemed only three quarters full, so maybe it's been open for some reason and lost a bit of flavour.)

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    because you can never be too smart
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • i make my own snuffs. I add essential oils with the help of an injector which i can measure the amounts of the mixture. I put the oil and water directly into the snuff and mix it with a teaspoon.
  • homemade snuff in oliwer twist klik klak
  • I have had success with both dried spice and extract oils. Mint leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg and such can just be mixed to taste. Extract oils on the other hand, I have infused into the snuff and for the simple reason of being able to use the natural sweetness of the tobacco to correct the bitterness of the oil
  • @linguist Is that the Celikhan tobacco? It looks greenish yellow in the picture. I would have thought it would be a bit darker with some grays and the green. It must be very fresh. Is it strong enough for you? Most of the Turkish tobacco exported is not very high in nicotine but very flavorful. I read that the Celikhan tobacco has more nicotine than those. Looks good! Enjoy!
  • image

    Celikhan tobacco is sold mild, sweat-strong and strong. Above picture all snuffs were made from sweat-strong type (same batch) but when i add sodiumcarbonate and salt they became darker. The differences of the color comes from the grind sizes. More finer is the lightest. Celikhan tobacco has the most nicotine i could find. Nicotine kick is high although i chosen the sweat-strong type. Maybe the strong type has more nicotine (also the cheapest)but i didn't try it because the nicotine in sweat-strong has the same nicotine level like toque or WoS according to my taste.
  • They look interesting. What scents are you using?
  • snuffs in the photo are plain. I used patchuli sandalwood cedarwood pine vanila rose oleaster peach banana melon rom raspberry musk amber jasmine violette clove cinnamon cacao ginger and their mixtures which are not shown in the photo.
  • Wow too many smells in my nose ...pumpkin spice burns a little haha well home flavored orange rassberry clove and fennel thank you all for the kick i needed to experiment. Like a few others all i can get locally is we garret sweet scotch. Second week of waiting for a delivery fun times experimenting!!!
  • i can manage to make oil based snuff like poeschl.
    Ingredents: 100ml grinded tobacco
    20ml water mixed with
    1,2ml washing soda
    2,5ml table salt
    10 drops 100% essential oil (i used patchuli)
    6 hours later i added
    10ml J&J baby oil (MSDS says no healt hazard if inhaled)
    Although i am stile cold the scent is very long lasting.
  • i forgot to write coumarine. I used granule type 10-15 small pieces i think it is less than 0,5ml. (also i saw the same granules in Bernard schmalzlers)
    I suggest to add oil step by step otherwise it can be too oily.
  • Looks like you got it going on
  • @linguist Is that the Celikhan tobacco? It looks greenish yellow in the picture. I would have thought it would be a bit darker with some grays and the green. It must be very fresh. Is it strong enough for you? Most of the Turkish tobacco exported is not very high in nicotine but very flavorful. I read that the Celikhan tobacco has more nicotine than those. Looks good! Enjoy!
    Celikhan tobacco has 1% nicotine content (a little bit higher according to some sources) and the sugar content varies between 8-15% (sweat-strong type is 10-12%)
  • Edit: 10 drops too much for my taste 2 drops would be enough. Also 10ml could be 1ml.
    I decided to use the rest for mixing very little amounts for my other snuffs.
    And i learnt not to make scenting when i am cold:)
  • Anyone try silver dollar snuff? The scent is so strong in the orig i been mixin with all i can. the cola tasetes like a cheap cola pop lol :P i may be way over excited but here in my small town i was so happy for new snuff !! I am mixin whatever i can and i must say spanish brandy toque and orig silver dollar tastes like a chocolate mint candy cane. I appologise for any new guy overenthuasium but everyone here thinks im crazy for sniffing dust.!!! AT least the tobacco guy has hope lol
  • By here i mean rural northern california
  • @justhend My buddy owns a tobacco shop and stocks a bunch of Silver Dollar Snuff. I mainly use it as a top off after I have snuffed other brands. For some reason the cola does not come across to me as cola, it is very strange. Seems that each time I try it I smell something different. I am snuffing a 50/50 mix of Viking Dark and SD Raspberry at the moment though!
  • 3_D3_D Member
    Has anyone tried this method of scenting homemade snuff sounds interesting.
  • Try using RTO filters soaked in essential oil and placed next to snuff in a sealed jar until it's to your liking. Inorganic so no mold issues.
  • i would probably use more than 10 drops. its probably going to have to be extremely strong for me to smell it
  • G"Day Gents,   I was just wondering if anyone has ever used Ginger to flavor snuff and or if there is a Ginger snuff already made, if not I will be making my own. G'Day
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  • @TigerJackshere Yeah, Toque has a ginger snuff, and I think Wilsons has one as well.
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