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pipe recommendations



  • @Mr_O I really like the way a good Oom Paul just hangs fairly effortlessly while smoking. Less stress on the teeth and jaw which then equates to less/fewer bite marks on the stem and frankly the bowl is closer to your nose allowing you to subtly 'scoop up' that 'room note pleasure'. Add to that the fact that it is out of your line of site if doing something with your hands, say working in the shop, gardening or fishing and it is a perfect choice.....for me.
  • churchwarden are my favorite and no you don't have to warden a church to enjoy one.
  • Thanks gentlemen, I am learning so much. Oom Paul, love this photo:
  • I also like a good churchwarden, but mainly as an end of the day sit back and reflect option.
  • I might convert a nice, basic, prince into a churchwarden, since the tenon got snapped anyways. Really though, it seems tough to find a nice, new oompaul these days. Yes I do have some estate pipes, ones that caught my eye, but somehow I usually prefer buying new pipes- or un-smoked old ones.
  • @kaiser_wilhelm Isn't it such a thrill to pick up a pre-trans Barling or patent Dunhill for $50?? In fact, within the last month I added one of each as well as an old Leeds Ben Wade for about that amount. Great stuff indeed.
  • I'm certain it is an international conspiracy @Mr_O....What are they thinking making it so darn hard to appease those of us who love a good Oom Paul?
  • You know, I think you might be right stogie! One positive possibility, there's a pipe maker I know who's never made one, we were talking about it and maybe I can call dibs when he finally does.
  • I'm a bent pipe kinda guy. They just make more sense to me. For one, you can easily see what your lighting, saves the rim. For two, they hang from the jaw, free up your hands, and are easier on the teeth.
    As far as a quality starter pipe, i'm very happy w/my Savinelli. Truth be told, its actually my first fresh pipe, everything up till now has been estate. I really do notice a difference, and i'am more inclined to care for it properly.
  • @Mr_O if he comes through and makes more than 1 (since I assume you will have first dibbs) let me know, I would be interrested!!!
  • Sure, no prob! He's here in MN, Frank Storm, he's made some cool pieces, he also does repairs for a good price.
  • Ended up with a few more estates, Stanwell,pioneer and GBD. I think I have a decent number of pipes to rotate now, so when I fancy another one ill pinch a few pennies and buy new. Hopefully I can work towards something nice.
  • I like a bent bulldog when time is important other than that give me a large bent apple
  • I just remembered, Benton pipes are nice for the money...
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