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Opinions on Toasts



  • My first toast was WoS IHT No.22, which I then followed up with No.20 after reading a good review at SnuffStore. No20 is easier to get used to for sure, as - has been said already here - it's only lightly toasted, and is an SP, so it's one of those "tastes a bit like chicken" moments.

    Initially with No.22 it was a bit like having a noseful of the smell of my gardening coat when I've had a bonfire, but I decided it was worth persevering with (as I like that smell anyway and you don't have to set fire to things), and now I enjoy it in the evening when I want to feel mellow and chap-like; I get the idea that I'm in a creaky leather armchair in a Gentleman's club, enjoying the peace and quiet, perhaps a whisky and the Times to hand, the gentle crackle of the open fire in the background, and the occasional gentle murmured "I say - isn't that Carruthers just come in? Must be back from India..."

    It's amazing what snuff can do.

    I say, did I ever tell you about the time back in Rangoon, when...
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