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Opinions on Toasts



  • I like how I don't have to worry about toasts drying out, as they are already dried out. I admit I'm not crazy about the campfire aroma. When I first tried one (Wilsons I think) my first impression was not campfire but "house fire". F&T HDT is tasty though, and I've enjoyed most of the main contenders on occasion.
  • I find that Toasts in general seem to absorb the ambient humidity here very well. I'm not a big fan of Toasts though so any Toast will do.
  • Has anyone tried the Dholakia toasts ?
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I have had all the Dholakia Toasts, as I'm sure others have ... i just didn't care for them. Far too dusty, too fine, for my nose. They also, to me, had no semblance to the toasts I love - no buttery nature, no smokiness - and the Indian scent that lingered, while not unbearably strong, I just knew I wouldn't reach for them at all. They were more Indian Scotches versus toasts, to me, if that makes sense.
  • I feel I have to post this, given that I initiated this discussion. I've completely reversed my opinion of #22. I've really started to like it. If I hadn't read all the above posts extolling the virtue of #22, I might never have given it another go. I've been tentatively trying a pinch or two and slowly, but surely, it's really grown on me! Thanks snuffhouse. Consider me a convert!
  • I like Toasts but Toasts don't like me.
    I have tried filling my lungs with air first and sniffing gently, I have tried MrMichaelSnuff's "nostril kink" and I have tried blowing my nose first to moisten the inside of my nose - all of these to no avail - the wretched stuff still flies straight to the back of my throat.
    Do the venerable gentlemen on this site know of a Toast that is not bone dry and dust-fine - or is this a contradiction in terms?
  • To me, Wilson's # 20 has a little more moisture. It is a lightly toasted SP.

    Toque Whiskey & Honey is also one of the easier toast to take.
  • @insufflator I can feel your pain. That is how it has been for me in the past. My technique has improved making a big difference. I had more success in taking a pinch, basically placing it against the septum in the nostril then pinching the fleshy part of the nose in. Pinching closed the nostrils. This sort of glued the goods in place. The problem is that you can only do very small doses at a time this way but can help get you over the hump. With this method never had any problems sniffing it too far back because I didn't sniff at all. Now, not so much a problem. Good luck!
  • Well, after I achived blowhole method there is no problem with toasts. Even HDT. Instead, toasts itself become more handy as they are all-day snuffs. For today I used only HDT and IHT#22, got no burn or nose runs. Taking a pinch is problematic due to stick on fingers, so the spoon become usefull. @insufflator, use searchbox about that method, guess it will solve your problem.
  • IHT No 22 is awesome. I've tried several other toasts and scotches but they've all had a slight 'off' note to my taste. After reading this thread I went to get 10g to see if it was as good as I remembered it being and it is.
  • There was recent talk of a varitation of method. What i do for all fine snuffs is lightly coat the tip of one finger, bring it to the nostril and sniff. As long as you do very tiny amounts, it is very hard to over do it. I end up coating my finger tip about six or seven times before im done. I have also been steadly increasing the amount i take at once. This has really opened the world of fine grind snuffs to me.
  • For toasts, my favourite is a 50/50 mix of F&T and SG.
  • bobbob Member
    o.k. I can admit it now I really really didn't like the almond toast. It did not agree with my sense of smell in any way at all. I found it really gross. Not a poorly made snuff but didn't agree with me. Funny love toque think they're great yet they've made a few of my unsnuffables. Whiskey and honey is a favorite of mine however.
  • Only had one toast I hated and I'am not allowed to talk about because someone will probably kill me if I do.

    I love the almond toast ,And can't wait to get the bumped up version. Just goes to show every nose is different. I read a lot of reviews and everyone is someones opinion. Some snuff I hated ,I have grown to love. The great snuff makers been around for hundreds of years and the new kids on the block are doing a great job competing with giants. Now if only Sara lee made snuff. Everybody don't like something but nobody doesn't like Sara Lee

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • bobbob Member
    It's not the front scent of it that I don't like it's the back scent. Oh man when that hits it's horrible to me. Though I found a little vanilla mixed in kills the back scent, but....
  • I misread this as 'onions on toast' which sounds lovely, maybe with sliced frankfurters and mustard.
  • WoS No 22 is my favourite snuff. I read somewhere that it may not suitable for beginners, so I ordered a tin immediately :) The first pinches were appalling (tears in my eyes, the snuff went into my throat, my nose started to flow...) so the first encounter was a real bust in the nose (but I felt something wonderful in that moment as well). Two days later I filled my Posh bullet with it again (I am a stubborn guy), and realised that my strong sniffing was the problem earlier. I have to sniff it calmly, and the experience will be perfect. I tried several types of snuff so far, but none of them give me this perfect enjoyment. Now No 22 is my every day snuff, and I think I should try other toasts as well.
  • Almond toast is the cat's meow.
  • Lime toast is the Lions roar.
  • W&H is the tigers growl
  • Walrus1985Walrus1985 Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Natural Toast is the tortoises hiss ;-). In a good way like lol. I own a tortoise.

  • I'm very fond of my tin of Tranter's #21. Very buttery and smooth; less nut/almond than #22/HDT and none of the bergamot and citrus that Wilson's #20 has.
  • Thanks guys for your opinions. I'm yet to try all of the recommendations but I'm happy to take my own time on that. It seems that you all had an awful lot to say about toasts! The ones I've tried and enjoyed are Toque's Natural Toast, WoS #22, Toque's and Toast and Marmalade. I tried Toque's Lime Toast and thought it tasted like disinfectant! The lime flavour is overpowering. Not to my liking! Sorry. On my next order from Toque will be Bourbon, Whiskey and Honey and that new one, Almond Toast. I think I'll give F&T HDT a go. With that many mentions it can't be bad!

  • Have some IDL (Irish D Light)
    22 on order so may give an opinion after comparison.
    F&T is good for me also.
    Think I will have an IDL just now in fact since you mentioned it.
  • @heluvagi
    Perhaps you should let it breath if really fresh. Try again after a few minutes.
  • This may get rid of the "disinfectant" smell which is actually a good thing. Indicates freshness.
  • @Heluvagi
    I do really like the Wilson's 22 and it is on my "A" list.
    Hard to compare as my IDL (Irish D Light) is quite nice also. IDL is a very fine grind. Be aware !
  • I did not like the scent of Lime Toast either but after a few seasons the scent has faded into something quite nice.
  • Lime Toast reminds me(somehow) of Saddle Soap. Days gone by of polishing tack at the Horse Shows.
  • I did not like the scent of Lime Toast either but after a few seasons the scent has faded into something quite nice.
    You know, it's funny you should say that. I just tried it again yesterday and it was much better... Now that the aroma has faded. :)
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