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Toque - Free Samples

RoderickRoderick Member
edited January 2014 in Snuffhouse Archives
We were told that it was against the law to offer free samples. Yet every other snuff company gives samples; we just thought they were taking a bit of a risk. We have now been told that if we are asked for a sample we can freely give one. The difference appears to be that we are not allowed to send free samples without being asked.
Anyone who wants a free sample just email
To all those who have already tried the current range, don’t worry, Natural launches tomorrow and 4 more flavours are coming at the end of February.



  • That's great news Roderick, hopefully this will serve to greatly increase your exposure to the marketplace and attract new customers! I'll wait to request my free samples until the end of february when all your new ones come out. I'll probably need to order some more Toque Tobacco then anyway, I'm down to my last refill.
  • Sweet, been looking forward to trying your products.
  • Thanks Roderick, email has been sent, I too have been wanting to try some toque before placing an order. With your excellent prices on the bulk bags this will really help me decide what I enjoy to get larger quantities of when I do order.

  • I have hard nothing but good things about Toque. I look forward to trying it sometime in the near future. (Once I convince my better half that this is not the same kind of snuff I have been dipping for 20 years)
  • What are these 4 new flavours that are going to be launched?! sounds quite exciting. i would love to try a sample of Toque Toffee if it was at all possible? I love the Toque Chocolate at the moment, and I think that Toffee flavour would be right up my street!

  • Happy to send samples anywhere in the world as long as you send me an email with your address and flavour choice. To
  • Thanks Roderick!
    Got my free sample to Indiana on Tuesday, I must say Chocolate is very good :)

    Thanks again.
  • edited February 2008 PM
    I received my samples today as well, thanks again Roderick!  So far have tried the Chocolate and Toffee.  They were both excellent, I am suprised at how long the scents last.  It was not expecting to get the tobacco scent up front, then the chocolate/ toffee following.  A very nice suprise, the tobacco scent I found to be very pleasant. The grind is nice and easy to take as well.  I see these two samples going very quick and a large order coming up to Toque on payday next week.  As far as the new flavor, I'm going to wait till the morning to try it out with a clear nasal passage so that I may give it an accurate review and assessment for Roderick. 

    I honestly must say that before getting this sample I was not all that interested in the Chocolate, but after finally trying it I am very impressed.  I cannot see that sample not making it through the day tomorrow. Definitely ordering a larger quantity of it.

    Well Done Roderick!
  • Ok, so I was up most of the night and wound up taking almost all of the Toffee. That one I think you can call a finished product Roderick, it is superb...I found myself practically shoveling it in last night. Also, I found that the Chocolate and Toffee both go really well with Square (a personal favorite), I was going back and forth between them all night. The free samples were a great idea, now I know exactly what I have been missing and have become very curious and motivated to try the rest of Toque's flavors.
  • BigSnoot McSnuff,
    I'm not sure we should allow you to order any more, if thats what it does to you! LoL!
  • Roderick as you know, I'm interested. How long does a sample take to ship to Canada, and how large is it?
  • Shipping to Canada is supposed to take 5-7 days, but an order to Vancouver took 8 days. Post appears to be quite quick at the moment.
  • I think they must be gearing up for valentines day!
  • Ok 5-7 days. That is good to hear. How big are the samples?
  • Hi Mcosta,
    And welcome to the forum. We just beat our fastest delivery record 5 days to Australia. Our samples are purely that, samples and it depends on who is filling the bags. My guess is they average out at somewhere between 2 and 3 grams.
  • Malrynn, how did you get a sample of toque espresso or original if you didn't request it?
  • I'm guessing a sample thrown in with an order? Or just asked for a few samples not specifying any particular one? I had to read it twice to understand what I read. LOL
  • merdock69merdock69 Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    Ahh, I get it now...guess I read it wrong initially...
  • scopopulusscopopulus Member
    edited January 2012 PM
    Digging up a dinosaur here...

    Does this still stand?
    I would love to try the lime toast before I buy a tin. I feel the same for your whole line up!!
    I wish there was a way to order just a gram or so of about 10 "flavours". I would pay for a sampler pack like this.
    I know there is the bullet sizes, but they are just about as expensive or more expensive than the 10g tins.
    It is about 25 bucks (USD) with shipping for the 10 for 9 deal at Toque - which is about the best sampler pack I've seen from a supplier.
    If I could get 20 "flavours", even in 2-3g quantities, for 25 USD shipped - Id be right as rain on a sunday afternoon.

    Before I order the 10 tins for 9 deal - Would something like this make sense?

  • Ive been using a lot more toque in the past week, I would like to try that berwick brown because I cant seem to sniff the toques I have without getting it in my throat. I'll send you an email.
  • The best way for me to use Toque or any snuff if I want to avoid getting it in the back of my throat is to do it off the back of my thumb/hand. If you use the standard pinch, because air comes through and up it drags it to through to your throat, but if you do if off a moderately flat surface like the back of hand/thumb it puts it in the nose better because the air doesn't carry it as much, it gently puts it into your nose. Doesn't matter how gently with the pinch I sniff it always goes back to my throat unless I put my finger at the front of my nostril, but it's not as consistent or smooth as the back of hand/thumb or boxcar method.
  • I would also like to know if this offer is still available. I would love to try several Toque flavors before buying. So how about it Roderick? Is this offer still available?
  • I would think that at the very least you would have to pay the post. 
  • i think an option at point of ordering of receiving a free sample of a flavor would be a good idea. i am only ordering so much at one time and am still cautious with ordering new stuff.
  • TheatreTheatre Member
    edited January 2012 PM
    I own about 24 Toques so it's a bit late for me but tiny samplers in a small sealed bags would be good, maybe if it was part of an actual order it would be more worthwhile for the company. There are some flavours I can't imagine ordering because I assume I won't like them to personal tastes, but they might actually be nice. That's the problem with snuffs, I wish I could walk into a shop and try all the flavours, but you can't! You just have to go with whatever sounds good, the rest is a gamble.
  • I say just buy them. If you don't like it trade someone for something you do already like..

  • Dude really 10g tins are pretty small and they're like $2-3. It wouldn't be much of a risk to actually buy them. Plus it's Toque, at the very worst you won't find any of them that are bad. Even Cheese & Bacon has it's fans. I have yet to find a Toque that I didn't like.
  • @jazzi_mike That was my sentiment more or less... I just didnt wan't to seem too pro capitalist. 
  • Toque update - We stopped sending samples three years ago.
    We have been receiving a number of requests for samples and I thought it only fair to let folks know the situation.

    The samples post that appeared a few days ago is very old. Subsequent posts tell of the FDA
    ban on free tobacco samples and our decision to introduce our sample selection special deal.
    We did try to continue for a while but 90% of samples were seized. This is probably down to our complying with US import regulations and declaring on the CN22 customs declaration that the contents were tobacco samples.


    Further to this post we and other snuff producers were inundated with 1000’s of requests for samples from members of sites that try to get things for free and had to stop sending samples. We still get 100’s of requests for samples every week and most go straight to our junk email folder however some do get through and I always feel sorry for the genuine snuff taker.
  • Bugger, just saw this thread and thought it was a new one!

    Just like me to be out of date by five years. Oh well, I'll just suffle off in my flared trousers and maybe watch a video on my betamax machine to cheer myself up...
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