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Just got Silver Dollar in at my shop...a nice surprise!

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited March 2012 in General
The tobacconist I work at had been having trouble getting in snuffs lately, so when we found a new one available (Silver Dollar), we snapped up the chance to order it in.
I haven't been keeping up much with snuff news lately, so it was much to my surprise to find out that it was blended by Roderick!
I had been trying to talk our shop into bringing in Toque, but they didn't want to take the time to go through getting import licenses and such. Glad to see that we're getting a blend from the same guy in America, though!

We only ordered in two flavors as a trial, the Apricot and the Original. I picked up an Original to try myself...wasn't expecting the menthol, which hit me like a brick. The next pinch, I was prepped for it, and it came out much nicer...
Seems a bit citrusy in the background after the menthol fades.

I have to ask, are there any non-mentholated blends in the Silver Dollar line? If this stuff picks up popularity, I'm sure we'll end up getting more.


  • I'm no expert, but I don't think there is a single one without at least a hint of menthol.  Original was the very first snuff I ever tried, and I didn't know better because everything was strange about taking snuff.
  • The Natural doesn't have any menthol. Just good 'ol plain tobacco!
  • Also Spearmint
  • I didn't even know there was a natural!  I'm going to have to smack my tobacco shop around.
  • Just curious @FireMarth, where do you live and work? Our local tobacconists don't even know what snuff is; they seem to think it's dip. Sigh. Sure wish I lived somewhere cultured.
  • I work at The Wharf in Dayton, Ohio.
    Been there for nearly two years now, actually.

    Getting ready to graduate from college, and I think it'd be interesting to work in the cigar/tobacco industry.
    But from what I've seen, it's a very tightly-knit industry, so it'd be a bit hard to break into fresh out of school...
  • No one seems to have it in Central OH, bummer.
  • GentlemanGentleman Member
    edited March 2012 PM

    Working in a tobacconists would be my ideal realistic job!

  • No kidding, I think working for the cigar/tobacco industry would be really interesting. And just think of all the neat stuff you'd get to try out! I say give it a shot @FireMarth!
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