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What does the snuff(ing) mean to you?

xsysxsys Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Several thoughts about snuff came on my mind this day...

What do I seek in the snuff? Am I addicted? I don't think so. Snuff is for me mainly a matter of taste, pleasure and good feeling. I started to snuff after my first try, because it wasn't known amongst my friends and I like to be alternative. Most of them smoke BD cigarettes or pipes. Snuff was something new, so I introduced it to them. Though they sometimes take a pinch with me, they do not share my passion for it, so I am lone snuffer. Nevermind.
I had a nice discussion about snuff as a substitute for cigarettes. My friend asked if I feel the same thing as I feel when smoking cigarette. I replied that I do not know, because I have never smoked cigarette. He began to explaining, that he does not smoke because of the taste of tobacco, but because of the feeling relaxed when he is stressed. I always try to fully concentrate on my each pinch and try to enjoy the most gentle scents in it. I have been using snuff for 5 months and perfected my technique. No more unpleasant feelings in my throat and no more discomfort in my nose. I could not do this in hurry or stress. We have a proverb in czech: There is no such a bad situation that could not be worse. Well, I say: no matter what situation, snuff can make it better.

And what do you seek in snuff?

Another thing is this forum. I enrolled many forums in past, but I have never found on them such a great community as here. Truly gentlemen sharing their passion with others, advising new members, providing help when needed and so on. I admire you and respect you. Since today I will take one pinch for you every day. Thank you for existing. The world seems better when I know you are somewhere there.

Bless you, good day and nose full of snuff.


  • Wow great writing XSYS! Trully awsome. Snuffing to me is all of what you said above and more. The community here is so indepthed and dedicated to this passion, that i dont think you will find a greater thread anywhere else. Everone here has been informative and very honest to me. That is something you can rarley find in the flesh let alone on a thread. Snuffing is trying new and fun things. When you read someones reviews it gets you exsited, and you think to yourself wow ive just have to try that. I hope along the way that somehow Ill be able to give back to my fellow snuffers, as much as theve given me. No matter where you live, what you do, or how you look, a fellow snuffer is a rare breed indeed. So welcome Xsys, we are so glad your here. Have a pinch on me. Godbless and Good health hddm3
  • Honestly, this forum has really opened me up to a lot of new choices in the snuffing realm. I enjoy the discussion here and the company is infinitely enjoyable.

    I have a tendency to pour a measure of liquor (at the moment it's Maker's Mark Gold Label) and I write until I've finished it. I take nice short sips and I follow them with a pinch. My snuff collection is to the left of my big black Royal typewriter and I reach for a nice pinch after each sip. I promise not to be done writing until I'm done drinking that measure of liquor. And it usually works. Snuff lengthens the time I spend with my craft; my calling. It lets me drift away for a moment to come back with redoubled effort. It is a smile and this community is comfort for someone like me whose one calling is such a solitary endeavor. To me snuff is not just a thing of the present but a connection of the past. Not a fleeting need to satisfy, but an ambition and understanding to explore. It is subtlety and craft, which compliments my own and betters what I do. Snuff is a simple thing, in the way that things can be, that accents a life.
  • Thanks for your opinions and sharing your feelings. More stories would be welcomed. And I agree with hddm3, that finding a fellow snuffer is a great moment, and it should be celebrated no matter what lies between you. Important is the snuff unites you.
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