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nuuskunuusku Member
what is this stuff? I have used snuss, chewing tobacco and I ordered this Pöchl Chema menthe as it was unknown err. product to me. It says it is chewing tobacco but looks like some strange toothpaste snuss to me. so tips for ignorant?


  • I think you might be the one breaking the seal on this one. Or in other words not sure anyone else has tried it.
  • that's funny :) because I used that snuffhouse search and I didn't find a thing! no reviews, nothing! well . . I quess I just need to put up my personal test lab and examine that weird thing!
  • oh by the way search on google it works better then the snuffhouse search. for instance to find this thread if you lose it google "snuffhouse chema".
  • I remember someone somewhere saying it was supposed to be used like makla.....however 3 people will tell you 3 different ways to use makla.
  • @Harlequin anyone uses it as a toothpaste? =) just kidding. . . actually there's in India wonderful stuff called tobacco toothpaste, I have tried 2 different brands and it is tasty, makes mouth totally fresh and delivers a solid nicotine hit.
  • thanks @bob ..looks like snuffhouses searchmachine has went to search it's soul ..or little something something. . but working it is not!
    actually there is plenty of info about this makla/chema weirdness..
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    You use it the same as snus.  Make a small prilla.
  • dm_lassedm_lasse Member
    edited February 2012 PM

    @nuusku So how does it taste if compared to snus?

  • Chema is a brand of makla made by Pöschl.  I've tried it.  Makla is used like snus, but its not as soft and has a stronger kick.
  • My friend (who is from yemen) used Chema alot when he was in the mideast. i introduced him to snus and he still called it Chema (as an arab name). im not sure , but it seems that it is a popular oral tobacco in the gulf region.
  • nuuskunuusku Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    @dm-lasse this stuff chema menthe looks like toothpaste/snuss hybrid. it's close to snuss but not really. it's a way harder to form a "prilla" and when you are able to stuff that weird stuff into your mouth it burns and it stings and it's mintyness, nicotine and I don't know what else, lysergic acid? ..just is too much (at least for me). I used it less than I would have taken snuss and it made me sick. I got OD. so I suppose you need to be a real deal Islamist or a german that you are tough enouh to use it "normally". and if you think that one over you could ask yourself is it really worth it =)

    ...just kidding, it's a great toothpaste substitute!
  • I got come chema cafe and just used it like snus.  Hardcore nic hit. It takes some talent to make a prilla with this stuff.
  • I bought a tin of Chema Cafe thinking it was snuff and don't know what I'm going to do with it. It smells really good, but I'm not gonna just walk around smelling the tin all day.
  • Chema is actually real name for Algerian oral tobacco, makla was originally just brand name for Bentchicou family products during colonial times and they came so popular that 'makla' is synonyme for chema. Owner of Sifaco in Belgium, Mr. Bentchicou was manager of Algerian tobacco monopoly after nationalization until 1980, when things went sour and he emigrated. France was obvious choice but also having tobacco monopoly at the time, he settled in Belgium. and here
  • Uups those links are to only articles I've found on those inter nets about chema/makla and are in French, like almost everything about Algeria on web. Anglocentric googling doesn't really get you anywhere in that regard.
  • I tried snuffing some of the stuff and most of it just fell right out. Not interested in oral tobacco. I guess I could put it up for trade.
  • dasrdasr Member
    In Yemen there is a tobacco product called "shamma" so I read Its proably related
  • Smokeless tobacco has long tradition in Algeria. However, its usage has been rapidly declining, particularly in large cities, and consumers now prefer cigarettes. Its usage is nowadays higher amongst lower-income earners and appreciated mainly in rural areas. But, for the past few years, consumption from youth has increased, with some of them considering it a way of replacing cigarettes. Locally, chemma is the term given to moist snuff and neffa is dry snuff. Chemma is put directly on gums or placed in paper, whilst dry snuff is ingested through the nose. The latter is also consumed by older ladies in rural areas but the habit has now almost completely DISAPPEARED
  • I think you can wrap it in a rizla and use it like snus
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