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Spanish Jewel Group Buy

merdock69merdock69 Member
edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Guys, this is very preliminary, but...

I am attempting to organize a group buy of Spanish Jewel (Dry only). As most of you are aware it is very difficult to acquire as our good friend macalpe (Pedro) is the only one here with access to the Master Craftsman and it must be purchased in 1Kg (2+ lb.) quantities at a very high price. However, macalpe has agreed to attempt to assist me in procuring a 1Kg package of it (at the Master's mercy). If we are successful in our little venture I will be offering members here the opportunity to participate in a group buy (a one time opportunity) allowing for the purchase of Spanish jewel in varying quantities. As we have not yet firmed up pricing and other acquisition costs the group buy price per gram has not been calculated. Please stay tuned for details. Feel free to voice your interest here or whisper me.


  • As you know, I would be very interested in something like this. You can count me in for a share. Let us know what kind of price we are talking when you find out.
  • I would definitely be interested.
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  • Excellent idea Merdock. I think through this way a lot of American fellows will may try a dry, plain, natural and craftsmanship snuff. The Master Craftsman is now retired and he no longer made this special snuff. Our fellow Chris@USA wrote a review time before very illustrated called Spanish magic, you may look for here.
    Congratulations and stand by me for all the help I can give you.

  • Count me in. I want alot so lets see how many of us are on the list in the next week. We might need 2 ki's, expecially if we can get both moist and dry, I like both. Forget gram pricing, I'm want per ounce price. Did Macalpe give any guestimate? Anyhow, thanks for trying to put something together Merdock69.
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    Welcome to the forum redfx, Macouba was one of my first loves as well. And a big thank you to Pedro & Merdock for your efforts in helping everyone to have the opportunity to sample your beloved Spanish Jewel.
  • Me too.
  • In my opinion, the Spanish Jewel is worth $10 a gram!!! It is the strongest snuff available & in return you can take smaller pinches. Its a handmade snuff made in a traditional way, not mass produced. You could label it just like a rare bottle of wine or rare whisky.

    And welcome to the forum redfx, hope you enjoy it here.
  • merdock69merdock69 Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    I received word from Pedro today that he was successful in contacting the Master Craftsman and we will have our Spanish Jewel. The pricing will be as follows and includes shipping to the continental US only (shipments elsewhere will incur actual shipping costs):

    5 grams = $4.00
    10 grams = $6.00
    28 grams (1 u.s. ounce) = $11.00

    Please whisper me if you would like to buy in. Once it's gone it's gone. I'm going to impose a limit of 1 oz. per person until I'm comfortable everyone who wanted some was able to buy in.

    This pricing does little more than cover the cost of the snuff, containers, and shipping, therefore it is subject to change based on actual costs. I will begin accepting payment once I receive the snuff.
  • Put me down for an ounce. Let me know when and where to fire up the paypal.
  • merdock69merdock69 Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    FYI, due to concerns regarding legality I am posting this information found on the U.S.'s ATF (Beureu of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) web site:


    T6: What must I do if I want to import tobacco for personal use?
    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms does not regulate tobacco products or cigarette papers or tubes that are imported by a person for their personal use. If you are importing tobacco products or cigarette papers or tubes for personal use, then you need to contact U.S. Customs Service ( and your appropriate State government agency regulating such articles
  • Put me down for an Oz please, and thanks.
  • Is there any possible way to get it to czech republic? Maybe there would be more interessted people from europe.
  • Ok, the response is getting a little overwhelming, but I will try to accomodate everyone. Pedro and I are still working out the details of getting it over here, so everyone's patients is greatly appreciated. Glad this seems to be working out though!
  • Sincerely, I am very HAPPY watching the reponse to the great idea from Merdock69.
    I am very thankful to this forum, I thanks God for the day I discovered this site.
    I am a true lover of snuff taking for my last 30 years of life, and my highest desire is to share with you ,American friends, and know you are enjoying a rare,pure,plain and traditional snuff that will be no longer made.
    And, once more, my sincere congratulations to Merdock69!!!
    ....we must not forget the Craftsman : Mr. Vinyets Salabert, Lluis ,from Vic (Barcelona-Spain)

    Pedro - Spain
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  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Quick question for Merdock or Pedro (macalpe),

    Will we be recieving the Dry, or Moist version?

    They are both wonderful, as due to troutstrokers kindness I recieved some samples of both versions today in the mail.

    After having sampled both, I must say that the dry version is very similar to some of the american snuffs I've had, just way smoother.

    While the moist in my opinion is where the Spanish Jewel really shines, not only having that great tobacco flavor with it's smoothness but, with the added moisture it becomes the first snuff of this style that I can take so easilly.

    My fingers are crossed for the moist version, but if it's the dry, I'm pretty confident nobody will be disapointed....

    Thanks again to Troutstroker for giving me a generous taste and to Macalpe, Merdock, and Mr. Vinyets Salabert, Lluis ,from Vic (Barcelona-Spain) for making this all possible.....

    EDIT--------Sorry for this post, as reading is key to not asking stupid questions. Unfortunately I didn't read first and thus asked a stupid question.

    Just read the first line of the first post and realized the Dry version of the Jewel is what is being offered. And a wonderful high quality snuff we will all be lucky to recieve....
  • I believe it will be the dry version, but Pedro will have to confirm.
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  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Thanks for the reply Macalpe, but I just read Merdock's first post, and thus edited my last post.

    Poo-Diddy feeling stupid right now for asking dumb questions, lol.....

    But still happy because my nose is full of the Jewel.....
  • I don't know yet if will be the dry or bit moist version. I will let you know on next Monday or Tuesday, when I receive the snuff.

  • Don't feel bad, I edited the initial post before I replied to you... So it wasn't there the first time your read it anyway..
  • I already whispered a reply, but just for the record, I'd love to get at an ounce or more of this legendary snuff! Thanks to Merdock69 and Macalpe for getting this together, and of course, special thanks to Sr. Salabert!
  • @macalpe: Quiero preguntar, si es posible remitirme esta Joya Espanola a la Republica Checa. Yo estudiaba espanol por dos anos en mi instituto y era en espana por tres semanas este ano en verano. hemos hecho camino de santiago con mis amigos.
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  • Just received word from Pedro (macalpe) that the spanish jewel has arrived at his home. It will begin it's trip to america today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  • Awesome - this is exciting.
  • Received word yesterday from Pedro that the Spanish Jewel has been shipped to America, it should arrive USPS in the next week or so.
  • Wow that was fast!
    Ditto on the paypal...
  • Once I have the snuff in my posession I will begin accepting payments. Details will follow.
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