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Christmastime Snuff blends?

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited December 2011 in General
So I work at a tobacconist, and we're starting to get in all our holiday pipe blends. Got me to thinking, maybe snuff makers do holiday blends as well?
We don't really carry snuff so I'm not sure.

I know Toque has their Christmas Pudding flavor (which I'm putting an order in for here soon, how is it?), but do any other snuff makers do holiday blends?


  • Not sure about other holiday blends, but as far as the Christmas Pudding, it's the snuff I threw in my pocket this morning and I've been enjoying it all day.  I'm having it right now with a bit of hazelnut coffee and Bing's Merry Christmas album on the iPod.  Life is good!
  • Bespoke had one before they disappeared, called "Christmas Joy", which was pretty good. I still have a bit.
    Samuel Gawith this year released a "2011 Christmas Special"

    Non holiday specific ones that I tend to think of as sort of Christmas-y are:

    de Kralingse Pompadour
    McChrystal's Clove
    any other clove scented snuff
    de Kralingse A/P
    Bernard Fichtennadel
    any other pine scented snuff
    Toque Pomegranate
    Toque Champagne
    Toque Peppermint
    Wilson's of Sharrow Peppermint
    any other peppermint snuff.

    I can't seem to get enough Pomegranate to satisfy me, and the pine ones are disappearing fast too!
  • Dont forget de Kralingse Gingerbread to that list.

    What other snuffs are like Fichtennadel? I've been digging that one, too.
  • Man, pine scented sounds really good to me.  I'm going to have to try that one!!!!  I do have a couple of Molens snuffs, including the aforementioned Pompadour, that are clove heavy and I can see how they would be appropriate for the holiday season.
  • @hooked  Yes indeed, I forgot the fantastic Gingerbread.

    DeK's A/P is pine scented, and supposedly based on the original Fichtennadel.  However, even sans the menthol its quite distinct.  It hasn't got an oil mosture base, and uses the psuedo Latakia (Latakia Ao 1860)  tobacco giving it a very dark and smokey nature.

    Possibly we could include the Chococreme (both versions) as well.  It all depends on if you think of sipping chocolate as being accociated with holiday cheer.  The list - by association- could get qute extensive.

  • Hmm. It seems the range of Choco snuffs are now absent from de Kralingse's website. :-(
  • @Xander: Recently we have expanded our webshop and the choco snuffs as well as the choco-L snuffs will be added shortly.

    Jaap Bes.

  • Looking forwards to the Gingerbread, will have to order some in the new year (when I can afford it!), it seems quite tricky to pick up in the UK.
  • Yes, the wonderful Gingerbread is a must-snuff for the holidays! Also Christmas Pudding, glad you mentioned that @Brewshooter, I'm gonna be all over that momentarily. :)
  • khalidkhalid Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    Anyone recommend a good blend for McC Clove? I have been thinking about blending with Top Mill.

    Musinotabak has a real festive feel for me.
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