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How many snuffs do you keep in a rotation?

OscarWabbitOscarWabbit Member
edited October 2011 in General
I generally keep 6 x 5g smashboxes of different snuffs.

At an average daily usage of 10g per day this will last me 3 days.

In my rotation there's always a Scotch and O&G. The other 4 vary widely depending on mood.


  • Depends on the day really, I rarely leave without a box of Toque Natural in my pocked; keep something mentholated in my mess bag, a tin of scotch on my desk, and a bullet of WoS SP-100 in my jacket.
  • I keep quit and sp exta on me at all times.
    Take a Shmalzer, usually postillion with coffee
    Morning and night. Then abraxas just before going to bed.
    I throw in the odd pinch or two of d white and cheeta daily also.

  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    At least 2 on my person at all times, sometimes 3 or 4.
    Lately it has been:
    6 Photo Kailash (always)
    6 Photo Special (always)
    President (about 50% of the time)
    Latakia (about 20% of the time.)

    I keep 4 to 6 available in the house in snuffboxes.

    The rest are either in a wooden box from India (approx.: 12"x6"x9") or in the freezer.
  • 2 are always with me: O&G and one other snuff qithout menthol (mostly an SP).
  • I carry (usually):
    3 - 8 gm. 6 Photo tubes
    2 - 5 gm. smash boxes
    4 - 10 gm. smash boxes
    13 - 25 gm. tins and tubes
    2 - 1.15 oz. Scotch Tubes

    All in a small semi-stiff-side wide-mouth, double zippered with velcro closure in the center bag.

    I like variety.
  • I have a TON of tins of snuff, but I'm working on filling mason jars currently.
    I'm gonna fill 5 jars with my absolute favorites. I figure I can just buy a tin if I wanna try one but I have 5 snuffs that I never want to run out of and they are:

    1. Grand Cairo
    2. Tom Buck
    3. Toque Quit
    4. Gingerbread!
    5. Gold Label
  • 2 at least, now I have snuff 3 tins on me plus Makla. Snuffs are Toque Quit&Natural Toast and F&T Seville.
  • Lately I've had five snuffs on me at all times...I only own seven different snuffs. As my snuff stash grows I'm sure I'll work out something but it will probably be whatever I feel like having that day.
  • All of them! Lost count.
  • I'm with @Whalen here. All my snuffs get thrown in the rotation. How often they pop up might change dramatically, but they all get around it. Still working on my pet project of finishing off the better part of my collection and reclaiming some desk space. I'm just looking to fill bail-and-clamp jars with bulk of my favourites. Unfortunately, I seem to have a lot of them.
  • Lately I take to work a toque bullet with Garret's scotch sometimes mixed with toque quit or natural and a tap box of bernards postillon or lotzbeck premium.

    At home it is one of the above german snuffs or abraxxis with another random snuff in rotation. Lately the extra snuff at home is either mccristals raspberry, samual gwath black rapee, or wilsons coffee and cream.
  • I think I carry far too much daily, haha! It's even more absurd considering that I probably only go through 5g/day on average although I believe that's increased. Maybe 5-8g.

    Today I have:

    Two bullets:
    WoS Lemon Toast
    Toque Whisky & Honey

    As well as these, all in 5g smash boxes:
    Toque Original
    Toque SP Extra
    Toque Cheese & Bacon
    Dholakia Black
    6Photo Kailash
    SG Kendal Brown
    WoS Honey Menthol
    WoS Apple and Blackcurrant

  • Looking at my desk at the moment, I have 12 different smash boxes ready to go.
    4 menthols, 2 SP's, 3 fruit, D. chocolate, Wow coffee, Quit and Berwick Brown...
  • I still have some 30 different tins already opened, result of my exploratory phase into the wonderful world of snuff, which I started 8 months ago. I carry usually 6 different snuff with me when I go out, plus one or two oral tobacco. I use empty 10g toque tins filled with my preferred snuff for carrying with me. Other snuffs I use small plastic tins good for a daily consumption. Now that I learned more about my preferences, I am trying to go through all my opened tins and my goal is to keep no more than 12 different tins opened at the same time, and make my daily rotation out of this.

    As of today I have some essentials:
    - 6 photo Super Chetak (often mixed with Swastik)
    - SG Yellow Crest or SP #1 High Mill or WS Grand Cairo
    - Toque Quit mixed with either SP Extra or St. Clements

    Others may vary, but lately I have been enjoying Dholakia Black and Viking Brown a lot. I also love Bernard and I carry a tap box every 2 days or so.

    Also I have unopened tins that I have never tried in my cellar plus several essentials. I have estimated that based on my daily consumption and if I do not buy any more snuff, I am good to go for the next year and a half. But I am still learning and buying new snuff every 2 weeks or so! I have no idea what my rotation will look like in a couple of months.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Sometimes I freak myself out. Just tried to sort out what was opened in the last 2 weeks, decanted, and added to my rotation:

    Samuel Gawith - London Brown, Scotch Black, Elmo's Reserve, Plum, Hazelnut
    WoS - Natural, SM Gold, Chocolate
    Taxi Green
    NTSU Black
    F&T - Bordeaux, Morocco
    JH Wilson S.P. No.1
    McChrystals O&G
    Bernard - Civette Extrafein, Aecht Altbayerischer

    That is 16 varieties. I confess that it sometimes looks like an addiction. '

    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Generally two different snuffs in 10g Toque tins filled halfway. So 10 grams. Rotation is fast, as I snuff something around 5g a day. The limiting factor is the size of my pockets on my pants and they are already filled with all other stuff I need to carry :D. Additionally Toque Rustica on my desk and occasionally a tap box filled with a schmalzler. :)
  • I get bored with the hundreds of snuff I own. So I will create my own mix and use that until I crave something else. Then make something totally different . I don't travel to much these days but when I did .I 'd have minimum of 5 different snuffs with me. I always carry my toque flask on my key ring. a white snuff, a black snuff something mentholated, a desert snuff an SP and a mixed box.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Define rotation.....

    I have just had a quick count up, and I have over 60 tins/tubs open and "in play" right now, and two dozen 70ml bail top glass jars I fill my snuffboxes up from. At the moment I'm focussing on the open tins/tubs, most of which are in a small case, but there's the following out on the table at the minute....

    WoS: Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, Ani Euc, Irish Coffee, Wall, Spearmint Pluss, Burgundy, Dr Rumneys Brown, and a mix of SP No.1 and Morlaix in a Rococo snuffbox
    Toque: Pomegranate, Pumpkin Pie, Coke, SG2
    Molens: A/P
    JHW: Top Mill No1

    If I leave the house for a while, I'll grab whatever I feel like taking off the table. It might just be one tin, or it might be an assortment.

    Rotation? What's that? Does any of this strike you as being a rotation? I just use whatever I feel like using at the time.
  • Only 3- 5 st a time. I don't think I use more than 2- 3 g per day, so this keeps them reasonably fresh.
  • I have 2 in my pocket, McChrystals OG, and Toque LE Pumpkin Pie.

    SP Bottom Mill No1 in my desk at work.

    A bullet of Toque Coke/Ginger + Tiger Cola in the car.

    Then I have Shabbos rotation. Same 2 Tins that I keep in my pocket come with me to shul. Then I have at home Jaxsons Queens Special and OSP. And sometimes I try a random tin at shul to see what people like.
  • 2 on any particular day
  • For me, I don't really follow a rotation. Every snuff I have is opened, and just take what I crave for at the moment. When I leave the house, I make sure to take at least three different snuffs with me. A mentholated, a sweetish snuff, and a SP or plain snuff. Often more,just to make sure I can take what I feel like at the moment. Same for pipes and pipe tobacco. No logic or strategy there...
  • At the minimum, a box of Indian White. Then, usually a plain fine dark brown snuff. An Indian, HDT, an SWS, Quit, for example. A fancy snuff. Recently, SWS Fields of Juniper, but it could be Violet or Spanish Gem. And then number four, which is just another one, whatever I feel like that day. So, four different snuffs will get me through most days, but I might crack open others in the evening. On a very austere, spartan day, the White alone will get me through, but I usually carry two boxes.
  • About 50 :D
  • i have 6 sitting on my desk right now but i swap them with other snuffs almost daily
  • I always have White Elephant on me and in my bag probably 5 or 6 assorted. An american scotch,HDT, Lundy Foot, Ambrosia and some Old Mill. But depends on what I happen to have....that's my workplace variety, at home could be anything
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Traveling for the last week,  I had to survive only on:

    SG - London Brown, Black Rappee, Firedance, Grousemoor, XBlend
    Viking Dark
    F&T - Princes, Morocco
    NTSU Black
    GH - Ambassador
    WoS -  Best SP
    Bernard Fichtennadel
    Poschl - Gletscherprise
    6P - Anarkali, Super Kailash
    41P - White Elephant
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • I always have Toque SP extra on me, and an American Scotch in the car (Bruton right now). Those are my go to, everyday snuffs. Menthols for the shower, and anything else pretty much just sits in my cabinet until the mood strikes me.
  • All of 'em.
  • Haha. Seems a couple years can change things.

    Lime toast
    An SP
    Santo Domingo

    Everything else kinda sits right now. Ask again in two years lol.
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