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Taxi Red

JinderJinder Member
edited September 2011 in General
I very nearly ordered some of this when doing a shop at Mr Snuff today, the general consensus seems to be that it's a coarse, rough snuff with a high nic content which is heavy and hard to use, but it seems to have its devotees...any opinions on it or regular users here?


  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited September 2011 PM
    This you will either like, or very much hate! It for me isn't an all day snuff, but always in my stock. I think Pieter our South African member said he buys it as it is very cheep out there. He buys it to chuck it in his bin, he gets it for the airtight containers. So if you order it, and don't like it then all is not lost.
  • I have a few rolls in the cellar, and so long as I have a friend in South Africa so it shall remain. I usually always keep one tub of this or Ntsu open. (Ntsu is similar but maybe a bit harsher).
    It gives a very potent nicotine buzz, but you have to use it properly. You have to stuff a good sized mass in at a time. So for the nic alone it will get devotees.
    However, be warned it does not have a "pretty" smell. So for that it has many haters.
    Best advice: Get a tin (or maybe two but different varieties). Experiment. Its different, and that alone merits trying. You may want to keep it around or just stick to other varieties.
    That's the best thing about snuff: the variety. A non snufftaker has no clue how different one snuff can be from another.
  • That's often the response I get from friends who I chat to about snuff-most people can't grasp the concept of variety, and that I'd want to possess more than one type, especially (oddly enough) friends who smoke big-brand cigarettes...most don't seem to realise that different snuffs suit different moods, times of day, activities etc. To them, it seems a cigarette is a cigarette, to be smoked and enjoyed the same way whatever the circumstances.

    I ummed-and-aaahed about Taxi Red for a while whilst shopping earlier, but I think it'll definitely make the basket next time, sounds like a unique experience!
  • I can't wait for my first jar of Ntsu to arrive :)
  • I add a wee bit of Toque Peach to Taxi Red........try some and tell me you don't like it!!
  • I can't live easily without Taxi Red. Its for when you just want tobacco and nicotine and lots of it all at once in your nose. I'm a lover.
  • It sounds like a must-have, if not an everyday snuff. Like booze, sometimes you want a glass of '50s Gevrey Chambotin Grand Cru, sometimes you want an ice-cold beer, sometimes you want a fine Islay single malt, sometimes you want a delicately prepared and lovingly presented cocktail, but sometimes you just want to bang down four fingers of rough stillhouse Bourbon that gets the job done.

    Definitely sounds like a snuff I could appreciate.
  • it reminds me of shredded horse manure that's been soaked in urine.
  • There you are, @Jinder. It is a love or hate snuff. You just have to try it.
  • I prefer Taxi Blue over Taxi Red for it's flavor. Taxi Rock (Spearmint) was one of my favorites.
  • @matsnuffs I never said I hated it :-p but it does smell like urine soaked horse droppings. reminds me of muck spreading which for a bumpkin like me is a good thing.
  • I am a big fan of all the snuff which comes from S.A. and i use them on a regular base. I can only advice you the same way some wise man already did: get yourself a can and sample it. You will see in no time if you like it or not. It is that easy.
    Many people say that they dont like the smell, that is a good example how taste differs --myself loves the smell of most of the snuffs coming from S.A. and the famous Taxi´s are no expections from this. Enjoy!
  • to my nose it's more of a cigarish type scent then a horse poop scent with the south african snuffs. Then again some cigars smell like horse poop so.
  • I really like the Venter's Camphor & Menthol, typical SA grind, but the flavour is lovely.

  • @bish777 Ah true! it does smell of that, and I love it so.
    @Walrus1985 I love Venter's too, but mine was bone-dry upon arrival and quickly rehydrate...I'll have to get some fresh stuff someday.
  • Taxi Red is the best snuff ever. Rich cigar notes (and poop and pee), and an absolute boat-load of Vit N.
  • A good amount of airing out got rid of the pee for me. The aroma is growing on me. But I suspect part of it is my nose learning and associating it with N
  • You'll get to the point where the ammonia is the best part!
  • Decent thing! By the way, I'm quite sure ammonia solution is one of Taxi and NTSU ingredients. Not fermentation-borne ammonia, but added ammonia water.
  • How does it compare with White Elephant in terms of the odour and nicotine hit? I'm really tempted to try this one out, although I'm a bit put off by the rather 'manual' method of administration people describe.
  • @JDU44 Being coarse and moist, saturated with ammonia, it hits harder, but never goes to your bronchi. I wouldn't advice airing the ammonia out, it's there for higher pH (extra nicotine punch). If you are seeking for a mellow kick, go for Taxi Blue or Babaton Blue (both are somewhat lower on ammonia and nicotine). Administration is fairy simple - just take a huge pinch and snort it vigorously.

    You can turn any South African plain into confectionery by adding single tonka bean. It does the wonder just overnight. Vanilla should work nicely, too.
  • @volunge Thanks so much for the detailed response! I think I'm going to go for the red on my first try- I want the full experience. Now to track down some tonka beans...
  • imagine snuffing fine cut snuff (as in copehagen or the like) and you should get an idea of what it's like in grind and moisture. And actually if you put it in your lip it's pretty much like cope with a sweeter hay type flavor. In fact I imagine that like American snuff it's often used orally.
  • I agree with @Bob. I just tried mine from my order today. I find it almost grainy in texture.
  • I think I might be the one person that finds the snuff good. I like it but if I never had it again I wouldn't care. It feels cheap but solid if that makes sense. Then again I remember when it was one of the most hated snuffs and then the snuff of the day here for a while.
  • @bob I feel the same way. I like it, but I wouldn't miss it. NTSU Black on the other hand, I might miss.
  • I also agree with bob and Zanaspus
    And I also  would miss Babaton Blue.

  • Yea I could care either way. I just tried it out a couple days ago when I received my latest order and I find the coarseness to be too grainy and dry. It's better as a chew in my opinion.
  • @DeVille is that babaton blue or taxi red? Taxi red should come plenty moist
  • @ar47 it was taxi red. My F&T Santo Domingo was much more moist. It was dry enough that I couldn't really get a good pinch of it to hold together. This is not normal I suppose?
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