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French Carotte by Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow)

AlexAlex Member
edited December 2006 in Types of Snuff
What to say about this snuff?

It has a orange-brown colour, it is dry and medium-fine, and has a scent of carrot. The French Carotte is quite easy to use and a very nice evening snuff, according to my taste. You may take a big pinch without having problems. It hardly hits your throat and the nicotine content seems to be moderate. My tin is already half-empty, which is a good sign.

Anyone else tried it so far?


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  • Right, no menthol in it. It has also a toasted aroma, which fits in quite well.
  • Took a walloping sniff of this after working in the kitchen on a tomatoe tapanade with dried apples, onions, fig vinegar and tyme. Also, baking baguettes at the moment. The moment was just perfect for French Carotte. I just returned from Paris last week. The snuff gods smiled on me with this particular sniff, creating a magical experience.

    There are rare moments where I can say that a snuff has significantly enhanced an already pleasurable experience. Tonight was one of those moments.

    I give this snuff high marks.

    Bon Apetit!
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  • AlexAlex Member
    I also don't know what's in it (maybe some sandalwood), but I felt like a rabbit after the first pinch. ;-) Seriously, I am almost certain, that the scent of carrots is intended. I didn't have the F&T French Carrot yet. Just give it a try, it's nice.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I ordered some of this about a month ago, have not tried it yet, better get to it! I will post tomorrow with my thoughts.
  • AlexAlex Member
    You can stand having a sealed snuff for about a month without trying it? Wow!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Yep, just have not gotten around to it. It was kind of a blind order, I just ordered what sounded good. I tried it today, and I like!! It is very easy to take again and again, very pleasant taste. To sum it up, it put a smile on my face. I can also tell that as others have said, the nicotine content is about medium, it didn't get me jumpin around the room, but gave me a lift. Very enjoyable flavor here gents, there are no false words in the reviews above!!! I think this might be one of the easier Wilson's blends, in my humble opinion.
  • Yeah it means french carrot. I guess french carrots are diffrent from other carrots, apperantly somewhere between a regular orange carrot and a parsnip.
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  • The F&T I've tried of the carrot (that is what I like to call it). Is relativly moist and not too dry. Though it's pretty finely ground. For some reason too which I can't figure out the few times it does go into the back of my throat it bothers me more then when any other snuff has.
    In fact I'm enjoying some now.
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  • Well this is what F&T says about the French Carotte, This is from Behind the Bow Windows

    French Carotte.
    Snuff blending allows for infinite variety, since the many bases and well-nigh limitless perfumes give the expert ample scope for experiment. Sometimes, a happy combination of ingredients is arrived at with gratifying results. This happened with French Carotte. As a mixture it is new but the components were in use over two centuries ago. In earlier time the word “Carotte” meant the roll of tobacco from which snuff users grated their own; today it names one of the finest bases, smooth and retentive, deserving only the best of perfumes. One such is sandalwood oil which is distilled from the aromatic wood of a small evergreen tree grown in the East, and has a delicate non-cloying aroma faintly suggestive of incense. Combining these select ingredients has produced a charming snuff of unique distinction.

    French Carotte's natural flavor ingredients include:Sandalwood Oil & "French Carotte" Essence
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  • oaxacaoaxaca Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    I hope snuffster doesnt mind if I quote his review off but I think he sums it up wonderfully here:

    "Sweet and spicy with what tastes like a hint of sandalwood. This is one of those old fashioned English snuffs that reminds me of Gentlemen's clubs or Victorian London, just somehow not a modern flavour and all the better for it."

    What a fantastic snuff! This snuff goes down well with a nice bit of smooth jazz in the background, I would say this is the John Coltrane of the snuff world :p
  • I've come to the circumspect decision this is my all time favourite snuff!

    Would anyone else put it up there?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I loved it when I first tried it (see post above), but now I can't stand it. When I first started snuffing, the florals were my favs, now I can't stomach them as much.
  • I think this snuff is a love it or hate it variety. I prefer the F&T version - it seems more complex and interesting; the Wilsons version is less spicey, sweeter and more dominated by sandlewood. It is the easiest snuff to take I have ever had, but it also has the lowest nicotine of any snuffs I have tried. Perhaps it is bulked out with French carrots.
  • SpyroSpyro Member
    I just tried the WoS version of this for the first time. I like it but was caught totally off guard by the experience. It immediately brought to mind the scent of a fancy ladie's soap or an old fashioned barber shop. It has an old world smell to it but in a very agreeable way. For me its a very mood enhancing floral that beckons a formal state of mind while still permitting a relaxed tone. Its not my favorite WoS blend but I can see ordering more of this in the future. It definitely has a distinct aura that can anchor it to certain memories or occasions. Its easy to take and the scent lingers a good while. Some may be put off by the 'soap' type tang on the initial draw. Overall, I'm glad I tried it. Based upon this one I may get around to trying the F&T version.
  • I do get the carott right away, not like the raw vegetable but more like a carott cake or something baked. I also see what people mean when they talk about the old world talcum powder/soap scent.
    For me it's too perfumed to really take a large pinch of all day the way I like to do with mcCrystals Hops, so I am thinking of cutting it with some high toast just to lessen the perfume.
  • The power of suggestion amazes. A carotte is a twist of tobacco that is taken to a rasp for snuffing. Carrots would make a decent filler although completely unnecessary. Chicory more likely, but again who would cut their tobacco with useless fillers?
  • "..but again who would cut their tobacco with useless fillers?"

    Cigarette manufacturers?
  • I think it was a rhetorical question.
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