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Been outta the snuff game for a while, can I still get it?

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited January 2011 in General
I stocked up on a ton before PACT a while back, so I haven't had to buy any in a long time...

The question is (and I'm sure it's been answered, but still), can I still order snuff to be shipped to America?

Also, does snuff ever really go bad? I've had some tins sitting around for months (closed, of course), but most of them seem to still have the same flavor, if a bit drier.


  • I am not in the US, but judging by the posts on the forum, you can still get snuff from all your favourite vendors

    As far as going bad, I opened a tin of Whisky and Honey, didn't really like it and left it in a drawer for almost 2 years. It is now better than ever.

    Welcome back!
  • @NelsonPipeClub, I've also got a 25g tin of W&H which must be 18 months old. And I agree, it's become a very nice toast with only a wee bit of sweetness. It is delicious and much better than when it was fresh.
  • Yeah you can still get it, though if ordering from overseas be prepared to wait a few weeks now. Also, Tom @ nicotine rush uses UPS now, so his shipping has gone up somewhat. As far as "going bad" I think some of it depends on the tin. F & T tins seem to keep the stuff fresh for a long time. Wilson's tins not so much IMO.
  • I agree with The Janitor, Wilson's tin are the worst. I find that to Toque's 10gram tin keeps pretty good.
  • Am I the only one that hates the toque tins? If the snuff wasn't as good as it is I'd never get any of it. So when are the new toque tins comeing out????????????????
  • @bob I love the 10g tins for carrying snuff around with me, at least much better than unthreaded tins like WoS and McC's. I would prefer if the 25g tins were just a deep version of the 10g tins. It would also rock if there was beter threading on them.

    @bipolarbear1968 I think the dubious honour of worst tin has to go to Samuel Gawith/Gawith Hoggarth with their sneeze boxes.
  • yeah sneeze boxes and english definatly a no go.
  • Mmm, Whisky and Honey! I had to get my tin out and enjoy a bit...
  • Nah, Samuel Gawith boxes are not sneeze boxes. They turn snuff to sand so they are sand boxes (and they turn rappees into buckshot as well). Gawith Hoggarth just turns to sneezeing powder when it gets dry.
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