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Homemade snuff recipes

graybeard19graybeard19 Member
edited October 2010 in Snuffhouse Archives
Hi folks, yes I am anal and a cheap bastard. Ok, that said. I have been making a few lately that have turned out pretty good. I use as a base snuff my W.E.Garrett sweet dry dusty snuff. I like the dry as dust and fine snuf myself. I put my flavor/ scent in a everyday LIPTON tea bag. I undo the staple on the teabag, dump out the tea to use in my collection of teapots, ( I have over a dozen or so, nice English and a few Oriental ones as well ) I have used it thus......About half of a small spice can (generic "BEST CHOICE" works fine and for 99 cents how can you bitch?)
My first batch was "PUMPKIN PIE SPICE" really nice, one can garrett, half can of spice in the teabags, I put in the spice and then use a twist tie, or one of those nylon zip ties to cinch it up so no spice gets into your snuff.
Next snuff is "Orange spice" snuff. I peel 3 oranges, navel works well, putting the rind on a counter top, cut off the white inner peel, and make sure none is left, it takes a bit of time to do this. WHY? so the moisture of the white inner part does not cause snuff to mold. IT WILL DO THIS..if you dont get the white part off. I then cut it lnto smaller sections, place the orange rind on a cookie sheet and put in center of oven preheated to 200 degrees farenheit. I leave it in there an hour or so until the moisture is gone, dryer is better. If you own a dehydrator, that would work even better. I then put the peel sections, a teabag with about a teaspoon worth of cinnamon, a teaspoon of whole cloves or ground cloves Place all of this into a glass container with lid of some sort that will keep out the air. Leave for about a month.
I also love my 'Toffee' snuff. Made simply with snuff, garrett of course, and some flavored coffee beans "Jamaica me crazy " variety Which is almost a toffee flavor and leave it in a container like I mentioned before. I dont know what a 'schmalzer' type snuff is but if it is a dry dusty style snuff that is sweeter, then I would like it. I HATE bananas but I like the smell of them, so I want to try the Poschl S.F. Sudfruct snuff and the other bulk Poschl perleschuter or however it is spelled these I would like to use as a base too at some point.
Any ideas about flavors, bases etc....please post. I would love to hear your ideas and comments on my three, Toffee, Orange spice, and Pumpkin Pie Spice snuff. The Pumpkin one reminded me for some reason of "Harry Potter' movies.
Take care, steve in Missouri USA.


  • @graybeard, good post and very interesting. However its really difficult to read because you don't use paragraph breaks. I usually ignore things this long when they are not paragraphed so don't let your insights go to waste and have some pity on us old folks with bad eyesight!
  • beat me to it snuffster
  • I'd reccomend using Garrett strong rather than Garrett Sweet. The sweetness really detracts from it, IMHO. Better still for a base among scotches would be Starr. Its the plainest of them all, and will take on other scents well. Being dry, they absorb moisture well.
    Toque Quit and Natural also work well.

    Schmalzlers are not dry and dusty. They are rich, moist and course. Their scenting ranges from woody-nutty scents to smokey rich scents to sweet dried fruit with a few like Südfrucht being very sweet. I don't know how well they would work for home scenting, but the plainest would probably be Sternecker Straubinger.
  • I beg your forgiveness on my long winded rants. I really never got the hang of the paragraph thing. I will try to do better in the future.
    As for availability, I can get the plain garrett here, and recently contacted a Weston Mo tobacco barn to obtain some tobacco to process. I have yet to get a reply. Unfortunately, all that I can get around here is garretts, sweet or regular. So I will try to do something with tobacco from weston. I figured out that if I use approx 2 or 3 gms per day, it will take me over a yr to consume what I already have.
  • graybeard19graybeard19 Member
    edited October 2010 PM
    Yet another version of my homemade which turned out pretty well.
    I mixed my Pumpkin pie spice with some of the Orange spice snuff which I think is similar to constant comment tea in smell. It reminds me of all of those holiday meals between november and end of yr. I call it my Saint Nicolaus snuff. Fancy aren't I ? Mixed it about 50/50

    OH I FORGOT TO MENTION.....I have an item I picked up in Sycamore Illinois near my hometown of Dekalb for a whopping 25 cents back in the 80's. I thought at the time it was a percussion cap holder, But after looking online at some of the information about snuff taking, I am not sure that is the case at all. The container will be photographed by my loving wife and hopefully done where you can see the details. WHAT IS It?
    Well it looks like a miniature 'powderhorn' it was made from the tip of a cowhorn and very well made to have a screw off top which opens to a small hollowed out area which I think would hold approx 1 gm of snuff. It has a small ring to put a chain or tether thru and another ring at the tip of the bottom. This makes a lot more sense than it being for percussion caps. Those went out of style right after the civil war. Flintlocks were in use right up thru the war with mexico, circa 1840's so that seems to me to be a good argument for my theory. I think it is approx 3 inches long. NOW, where in the hell have I put it for safekeeping? Not something I would have lost on purpose. Geez I hope I havent done so.
  • I recently made a batch of snuff using WE Garrett sweet as base since that is what locally I can get, Peeled a ruby red grapefruit (3 to be exact) then I carefully cut off the inside white stuff to the oil filled rind. Placed this in with the snuff for two days. Baked in oven at 200 degrees for an hr....let cool, once again one hr. was ok, so I placed it in tin with some without trimming the white stuff off. Nice grapefruit snuff. Now for my version of Himalaya, I think it is probably similar since never having tried it.
    4 parts grapefruit snuff
    2 parts homemade Jasmine snuff
    2 parts Toque Menthol snuff.
    I mixed it by placing on a pc of typing paper and letting it roll around and then placed in an empty snuff box ( copenhagen style, KAYAK to be exact ) and shook it good.
    Turned out rather a bit of a burn to it from the grapefruit oils I believe. When all my homemade snuff is gone, I shall by only the commercial snuffs, this is fun, but time consuming and after all they know what they are doing. I am guessing about stuff. still it is fun to try.
    For those who live in the USA, Walgreens has these neat lil ceramic bottles, with christmas mofif that are 69cents and they have a lil wooden spoon,,,,,way way to big for a snuff spoon, but handy when mixing up a batch of homemade experimental types, Container makes a great snuff bottle, holds about 20 or so gms. about the size of a american snuff cylinder, think Garrett snuff size. Happy Holidays everyone!
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