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about f&t snuffs and other various things

towlertowler Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
i week or so ago i was allowed to order my christmas present early!!! yippee... so i was out of my major snuffs and i wanted a couple more wooden sharrow boxes, so i placed a pretty large order too Mars. well today i got my, "oh so holly box of happiness". i got my basics bordeax, morlaix, MCOG, and a few new ones and a couple i also keep on hand. anyways as i was playing with the 12 or so tubes of various f&t snuff i noticed how big of a wieght difference there ws between them. one of different types and also ones of the same type. so having some time i figured i would get out my scale and see what was up. boy was i suprised when removed from the tins there was a wieght varience from 18g all the way too 32g. some of the tins of bordeaux were more then 5g apart in wieght. they were all of the same moistness, and i just thought it was a odd thing i would pass on. it by no ways a jip if you look at them as a whole, with most having more then the advertised 25g in them. but i would hate to be the one to order a tin by itself and have it 7g short in weight. that is quite a substantial amount. i guess that is why they advertise them as "about 25g", lol. i also noticed something else, it caught my eye a few months ago and it is the huge varience in the grind and color of the sharrow IHT 22. i know when i ordered my first tins of 22 they were very fine, cakey, and had a very distinct scent and taste. i later ordered a pound, and when i recieved it, it was rougher in texture and different in scent and taste. this was not bad, they were both very good, but is this common??? this was brought back to me today when i recieved a free sample of 22 again and went to put it in my snuff box with the 22 i already had. WOW, what a difference. the one i got today was a totally different snuff. i finally had both side by side and could compare them. my sample was more like the first tins i fell in love with. does this type of snuff darken with age? i did some more looking and also found big differences in the HDT tins i had just bought. they were the same idea as the 22, some i actually could not tell the difference in smell, taste, and scent between the other. has anyone else notice this, or am i just seeing somthing that is already widely known?? i tell you what, i probably will never spend the extra on HDT again because i am getting HDT sold as 22 and 22 sold as HDT. i have a pretty good nose and have used snuff for a bit so i am pretty much dead set in my detections. well just a bit i noticed.....oh by the way i got the cherry boxes today instead of the teak ones i allready had and WOW, they are beautiful... i thought i would not lke them as much, but actually like them more and my light ones pale in comparison.


  • that is what i am saying. they are two totaly different snuffs in texture and taste, or were. i have new cans of HDT next to certain cans of #22 and they are the same. some are different and what i know as them, but other cans are not. really, truly and honestly. i brought it up too see if this was somthing common with these snuffs. aparently not, so i do not know. but i have both scents burned into my memory from the shear amount i have used, so its not a simple mistake. who knows tobacco is a natural product and varies greatly from field to field, bale too bale, so some differences will be noticed even when there is a highly skilled person working to blend lots for consistant quality. so i figured i would ask around... i was using alot of HDT up until a few months ago. the light extra fine powdethat had tones of butterscotch and a wiff of curing barn that i loved so much that would form little balls that always falll out of my nose and down the front of my nice shirts leaving these little powder light lines, went to a dark, and coarser grind. likeIHT22 which to me was nice and had a distintive burley overtones. then recently i bought a pound of IHT22 and it was great but different then what i was used too and also different then the few new tins i had left from my last order. so four days ago i placed an order and decided to try HDT again to see if it had gotten back to what i liked... it came and was still alot darker but alot finer like it was supposed to be. it is still not the same in the nose but alot closer. then with that same order mike gave me a box of IHT22 as a sample so i went to put it in my snuff box and it was half as light in color then what i had from the pound and tins and looked more of the grind of HDT and the taste was like a blend of the two. i hope this makes some sense too you, because it is a hard thing to put into words without being able to just lay out the array of samples.
  • oh, and see to me HDT is very light and ground more like a scotch, really fine... and 22 is bit more coarse slighltly darker in the irish style grind. this is what i know the two too be.... and 22 is a strong burley with HDT being sweeter and alot more complex with alot of butterscotch ovetones, and i would say higher in virgina type leaf.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited November 2007 PM
    Ahhhhh they are just the same tobacco. One ground slightly finer, relabeled, put in a fancy can and then marked up in price so that you think your getting something better. F&T is probably the scrap left over after the wilsons is made.
  • i guess they just get some tobacco in, grind it up, put it in whatever cans they need and thats whats makes it that, lol... no, i think they just change and darken with age is the case...
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