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Odor blending?

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited July 2010 in General
I wanted to ask, if I keep all of my snuff tins in one container, how worried do I have to be about the odors blending with each other?
I'm already planning on keeping the stronger flavors out (McChrystals Clove and Mild Lemon...), but should I worry about much blending with my mass of other tins?


  • CarolCarol Member
    I put my containers in baggies and keep them in the same box. I've never had scent contamination issues this way.
  • If your box is big enough, 4 oz mason jars are a dollar a piece and as good as airtight.
  • I store all my snuffs in a massive drawer so that when I open the drawer all the many scents combined float out to me, but never have the scents tainted each other, so to speak.
  • Absolutely worry! You will notice every little nuance in your snuffs. Every environment they are kept in will have an influence on them. Get into it and you may end up with your Crown Jewel in a sheep skull. Do take care. All I want to make clear is that the bigger mass will have more influence.
  • Unless you actually got the snuff mixed up with each other there's no real likelyhood of tainting going on. Mine are all stored together in a wooden crate with no problem. Far more important is making sure that the individual snuffs are in airtight containers, that way they last pretty much forever. Its worth noting that only a couple of manufacturers supply tins that are good enough for long term storage - Toque and Wilsons F&T range. The rest; flip top boxes, WoS cans etc will all slowly deteriorate. Decant anyhting that won't be used quickly into any food grade airtight container. Over the years I've found old, well scrubbed, peanut butter jars as good as anything else, and if you eat peanut butter they're free.
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