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FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited June 2010 in General
One of my Wilsons of Sharrow tins refuses to open...
Any suggestions short of slicing it open with my box cutter?


  • Never mind, got it =D
    Thanks for your time.
  • Glad to be of service :)
  • bobbob Member
    Always keep extra containers handy and just destroy the tin if you can't get it open also pray to your snuff deity of choice.
  • I have found that one of the cheap bottle openers (the kind that is basically just an angled piece of metal, not the ones with the slot) can work to pry things open if you are gentle. The one I use for cans, jars, bottles, stubborn tins etc. looks like this (I hope the link works):

    Running hot water over the mating surfaces (the "seam" between the lid and the can) can also help loosen things up.

    BTW - glad that you got it to open, FireMarth!

  • MittensMittens Member
    edited June 2010 PM
    Slight necropost, but just for reference: In the thread about Wilsons of Sharrow tinhate, someone suggested grapping the tin from opposite sides with your fingers, the slightly squeezing. Change gripping position slightly, squeeze again. Rinse and repeat until you either a) can pop the tin open or b) have gone round the whole tin. In the case of b), getting a screwdriver or thin knife was suggested.
  • SpamSpam Member
    I always go for the squeeze mentioned above, it tends to work perfectly. Just be sure to have some paper under your tin to catch any excess snuff.
  • Yup, that method is exactly how I got the tin open after much guessing.
  • Those tins are nowehere near airtight and don't keep the snuff well. If you are going to take any amount of time at all to finish it you are best to decant the bulk into an old peanut butter jar or something airtight and just have a days worth in a snuff box or something. With repeated opening and closing you'll find the freshness goes very quickly.
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