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So what do y'all think of my pre-PACT order?

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited June 2010 in General
This is the most I've spent on snuff ever. And the first time I've ordered from anywhere but Toque.
I ordered stuff from Toque, Nicotine Rush, and Mr. Snuff. Why the hell not :P

Here it is:
Patrick Collins Double Compartment Snuff Box - Cherry
10g Wilson's of Sharrow Strawberry
10g Wilson's of Sharrow Lemon Grove
5g Wilson's of Sharrow Chocolate Orange
9g Dholakia Swiss Chocolate (Flip-Top box)
8.75g McChrystals Clove
8.75g McChrystals Mild Lemon
10g Quit With Snuff Irish Coffee
32g Rooster (that's what the converter from ounces to grams told me)
25g Toque Absinthe
10g Toque Violet
50g Toque Pomegranate (I ordered 2 25g tins)
25g Toque Apricot
25g Toque Blueberry Menthol
25g Toque Champagne
25g Toque Grapefruit
25g Toque Raspberry

So that's...313.5 grams of snuff...I should be good for a while!


  • MittensMittens Member
    edited June 2010 PM
    You, Sir, are certifiable. Good job.
  • The only thing I could say is you might have wanted to order the fruity Toques like Pomegranate and Champagne in bulk from Toque. From personal experience and what I've seen here, the scents on the fruit flavours tend not to last as long as you might like in the tins, but stored properly they stay good for a fair bit longer in bulk. If that's enough to last you as long as you feel it needs to, it's a good order though. You're the final judge of how good your snuff supply is for your needs.
  • You have quite a selection there! I am sure you are going to love most, hate some, and never forget one or two for both good and bad! My two PC double boxes are fine old friends now. This TAD (tobacco acquisition disorder), will surely get worse! And don't call me shirley! (airplane)
  • !!!No Crumbs Of Comfort?!!! Blasphemy...
  • All this talk about Pact, but Mr. Snuff and Nicotine Rush appear to be staying in business and the Northerner looks to be carrying on.
  • Oh yes, looking forward to my 200 grams of O&G from Dave, and maybe a half pound of Crumbs.
  • snuffegnugen:
    Some places may be harder to buy from, and I'm expecting stuff like shipping costs to go through the roof through Mr. Snuff and Nicotine Rush...
  • You went too far with the toque and really just selected a lot of random snuffs rather then experimenting with the different brands - but we're all new once so what do i really know? lol
  • @firemarth,

    I have totally loaded up on Pre-pact snuff as well. I have so much now I have to be set until 2015, but as the date approaches; it doesn't seem like all that much is really going to change. We'll see.
  • FireMarthFireMarth Member
    edited June 2010 PM
    I ordered so much Toque because I've never come across a Toque that I hated (edit: EXCEPT THE CHEESE AND BACON), it's a tried and true brand for me.
    That, and Pomegranate is the best snuff I've ever had, period.

    The same idea stuck when getting other brands. I've heard good things about Wilson's and McChrystals, so I picked out some flavors of those that sounded good. Also heard that I need to try Rooster and Dholakia Swiss Chocolate, so there's that.

    The only random one I got was the FUBAR, and I dunno why I picked out that one...
  • Just got my first order in today, with the snuff box, and it's beautiful!

    Filled it up with Lemon Grove and Chocolate Orange.
    For some reason I'm worried that I accidentally mixed them while filling them, though. I'm pretty sure I didn't judging by smell, but I'm a bit paranoid XD
  • FireMarth said "Filled it up with Lemon Grove and Chocolate Orange.
    For some reason I'm worried that I accidentally mixed them while filling them, though."

    Does anybody besides me take a sniff of one snuff wait a little while then sniff another totally different then sniff another?

    That is mixing them up but not the same way. I can tell the difference but is that cheating?
  • I do that all the time.
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