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I very much recommend a Neti Pot!

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited April 2010 in General
Damn, I finally gave in a bought one of these, and I love it >.>

I figured I should. I got my new shipment of Toque in, and the only flavors I could smell were the strong fruit ones. I couldn't really smell the others.
I bought a Neti Pot, used it before sleeping. Woke up today, tried one of the flavors that I couldn't smell before, and DAMN I could smell it now.

The Neti Pot is now my new favorite tool =D

You know, if anyone cares.


  • Lots of people care:

    Neti Pot topics
    "Netti" Pot topics
    Nasal Health

    I'm sure there are lots more.

    I love mine.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Never heard of a Neti Pot.

    What do you do with it?
  • cstokes4: It's a plastic pot that gets filled with a saline solution and flushed through your sinuses.
    It cleans out and dust, pollen, and in this case snuff, along with any other irritants or excess mucus up there.
  • did anybody hear my hand slap my own forehead just now?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I couldn't hear it, I was putting this pot in my ear!
  • fabulous things, between my neti pot and snuff, i have sorted my post nasal drip.

    Before i was waking up in the mornings, barfing up all the mucus id acculuated in the night and feeling poorly.
  • I have an easier version, its like a huge syringe, a "Nasaline"

  • Nasal snuff makes the use of the netti pot so much more visually rewarding.
  • And cleaning the sink drain more interesting!
  • My daughter saw me doing neti. Screamed ' oh my god dad that is so gross' and retched....
  • OTDOTD Member
    Just tell your girl that Oprah uses one!
  • BartBart Member
    Thanks OTD.
    When I read 'Oprah", I wretched..out my nose
  • @ cstokes4

  • OTDOTD Member
    Anytime Bart (-;
  • I love neti pots!!! I just brought a squeeze bottle that works really well. OH WELL back to the word thread......
  • edited April 2010 PM
    I used mine a few hours ago, every couple of days I do it, or as needed. I seem to use it more frequently after a snuff order arrives in the mail lol, go figure...
  • Just ordered one - my two year old will laugh his gonads off when he sees me do this.
  • "No need to go out and buy a special pot. I use an empty Arrowhead Water bottle with a sport cap. I make my own solution too. 1/2 tsp sea salt and 1/8 tsp of baking soda per 1 cup of tepid water. Just lean over the sink tip your head to one side....then gently squeeze water into one nostril, keeping your mouth open to be able to breathe and not choke. After a few squirts, blow your nose and repeat"- I got this from a diy post, so instead of going out and wasting valuable tokens on something this easy to make , spend it on snuff and snufferania.
  • It was only £3.00 - notta hole lotta cash reelly.
  • wow great deal! guess the only one i've seen for reference sake is at london drugs for 25 dolla.
  • Amazon
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