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Bump on the inside of the nose...probably nothing, but doesn't hurt to ask.

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited April 2010 in General
Right near the front of my nostril, on the septum side.
Feels really hard. Looking in the mirror the whole septum side of my nose is white, but I assume that's just me seeing the cartilidge under the skin or something.

For all I know it's been there all my life, as I've never really went feeling around my nose until I started snuff.
Assuage my negative thoughts, people? :O


  • I've had a few of those come and go my whole life. let it be and it'll go away. for me at least. But Im not a Medical professional. so what do I know...
  • sounds like you're the first snuff related cancer case on record. congratulations. HAHAHA!
    j/k i get sores and bumps from time to time in the old beak from snuff and the fact that i'm always wiping my nose and blowing my nose. who knows!?
  • Even if you said you had a fast growing cancerous tumor in your nose. I would not believe for one second that it would have been caused by snuffing. More likely an ingrown hair.
  • BartBart Member
    ..or your body may be adapting and forming those

    "leather nostril flaps" Juxtaposer spoke of a while back?
  • @FM, I won't play around with something like this. Rather go see a doctor even if it's only to give peace of mind.
  • "Assuage my negative thoughts, people?"

    Gladly. Nasal cancers are extremely rare (only about 50 cases diagnosed in the USA annually) with black males over the age of 60 being the main sufferers. Symptoms include difficulty in swallowing, impaired vision, swelling of the throat, inability to control facial muscles and nose bleeding with difficulty in breathing.

    Even so, see a doctor to put you mind at rest. If he/she doesn’t know then you will be referred to see an ENT specialist. However, as you have asked our opinions, mine is that it is a cyst or polyp, which can occur in the nasal vestibule. Most people are unaware they even have benign growths unless they interfere with breathing or sense of smell. I suspect that this fee-free online diagnosis of mine will be confirmed by a doctor.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I get bumps in my nose all the time, they always end up being a zit. Hurt like hell, but I pop them and go about my day.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited April 2010 PM
    Yeah, I've had a few zits. I think its from leaving snuff reside where it can clog a pore. After a couple of painful ones when kept at least one nostril not snuffing for a few days, I have made an effort to clean more, but blow less. Nose blowing can aggravate it. No problems since.
  • I get a bump in the nose every now and again. They're zits and take a few days to go away. They bug when you blow or wipe your nose. If you feel really concerned about it, you should see a doctor.
  • I had a bump once. Hurt like hell, Popped it and brown fluid came out. I stopped shaving so close to the nose where I wipe often now, and haven't had one since.
  • Well, before I do anything, let me ask everyone to do this:
    Pull the septum skin on your nose forward, and then feel inside your nose in the newly-revealed area:
    Is it perfectly flat? This is where the bump is, and I would like to think it's just part of the cartiladge in my septum...
  • BartBart Member
    I've got kind of a raised 'curb' there, I guess.
    But like they say, maybe just go in for a physical and ask about it while you're there, FMarth.
  • I hate a nose zit. I used to get them regularly, but since snuff, I am happy to say I get them much less. Probably has to do with diet too, though.
  • since i've started snuffing i've been getting a ton of whiteheads in my nose. i suspect due largely to me not bothering to blow, i didn't get them when i did. instead i got chapped nostrils.

    pick your poison.
  • I had one of these recently ,It didn't pop but it is now gone, I thought I would have to give up snuff. This forum is a great place for info
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • bambam Member
    Your not wrong my nose has been really sore on one side for a while and I was thinking it was the snuff irritating something.I read on this forum about how plucking nasal hair can cause snuff to irritate that area and remembered I had been busy with the tweezers the day before.

    Certainly put my mind at rest and will not be plucking anymore
  • just trim them, don't pluck them.
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