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What's the most "hardcore" snuff out there?

FireMarthFireMarth Member
edited March 2010 in General
I've heard people talk of Rooster, Dalohkia White, and NTSU all discussed as "hardcore" snuffs. Are these the "top" tier of difficulty and nicotine, or is there some kind of super-secret-ultra-lost-to-the-ages-mega-ultra hardcore snuff?


  • Rooster from what I have tried and also seen discussed here.
  • Well it depends on what you mean by quote-on-quote "hardcore" snuff. When it comes to nicotine "buzz" nothing in the snuff world will hit as hard as a cigarette. Rooster is very fine in grain and really intense for the beginner because your nose isn't use to intentionally inhaling foreign particles. But don't get me wrong it has a strong nicotine content. Same goes with NTSU and Taxi Red but unlike Rooster Taxi and NSTU are course-cut like the consistency of american dip. Dalohkia White is a whole other beast... really the ones you have mentioned are pretty rediclious when it comes to strength to be honest it's all up to the amount one sticks up their nose and how high your tolerance is to nicotine. I use to smoke and when I first quit and started using snuff I didn't really get any "lift" or nicotine feeling but now I really notice it. I will have a cigarette one in a while but to be honest they taste terrible now and the buzz isn't that great anymore haha.
  • I am pretty new to snuff, been using a couple months now but I would say

    Nicotine: Rustica homemade snuff. Great nicotine but makes my nose run bad.
    Difficulty: Dalohkia White (I can barely smell it out of the can without burn) I find this one has more burn than Rooster, although I only tried Rooster once. I did not like the BBQ smell.
    Stench: NTSU (also pretty high in nicotine, but did not really burn)

    This is just out of the ones I have tried, there are many out there I have not yet tried.
  • LHBLHB Member
    NTSU and Dholakia White give me a far stronger nic hit than Rooster. They even kick harder than my NAS American Blend RYO unfiltered, although since there is no carbon monoxide the nicrush feels different. If you doubt it, try taking a few hits off a cigarette after a few pinches of NTSU, and then take your blood pressure and resting pulse. Then call an ambulance.
  • Real men snuff Feinster Kownoer!
  • And the super-secret-ultra-lost-to-the-ages-mega-ultra hardcore snuff is a powdered ginger/cayenne blend (be sure to grind the cayenne small).
  • @ Juxtaposer: preach it brother man! Feinster Kownoer! The snuff men choose!
  • Most snuff takers don't snuff to be "hardcore"
  • @ Xander - touche!
  • LHBLHB Member
    I can't wait to get my Kownoer on Friday! I agree that "hardcore" is a strange word to use in connection with snuff; I just assumed it was synonymous with "having a huge sensory impact" but why use two syllables when you can use nine?
  • Kownoer is unlike any snuff I've ever had. It's manna from heaven!
  • THe word to use for a strong snuff is "roughneck".
  • BartBart Member
    I see your 'roughneck' and raise to "LEATHERNECK", Pieter!
  • All I have is a pair of "leathernostrils".
  • BartBart Member
    Hahah! Yes, or if someone could design a "Snuff Carburetor " that attaches to the nose and straps on much like a respirator, complete with needle valves and a choke, many of the snuffing issues would be resolved
  • Dholakia White makes my scalp almost bleed. That and Rooster are like nicotine rockets to me. But for some reason Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown burns like a sonofabitch. I love it I love it I love it...Wish GH was a little softer in texture though. I'd have tried to mess with the moisture and grind but I haven't figured out how to open those containers. I'm afraid I'll break it.
  • LHBLHB Member
    @ wickedkitchen

    Dholakia White not only causes bleeeding through my cranial pores, it also causes uncontrollable twitching in my legs and feet for about 60 seconds after doing my pinch. If I'm lucky.

    And in the U.S.:

    Roughneck = oil field worker
    RuffNeck = inner city gangster
  • Mike_BMike_B Member
    Bruton, or "the Brute", has far more unprotonated nicotine than any other American snuff, so it gives a quicker and heavier rush than others.
  • There's a lot of indiviidual perecption to this obviously, surprisingly of all the 300 or so I've tried I would have to put Kamal out front as one ferocious snuff. In terms of super secret lost to theages it would have to be the near legendary Spanish Jewel; ,made in micro amounts by an ancient blender who is next to impossible to track down.
  • @Bart

    I have a spare 42mm Keihin CVK in the shed......
  • Im going to go with Dholakia White on this one, with Bruton coming in a close close second.
  • XanderXander Member
    @ Bart: someone already invented the snuff carburetor. He has a small and quiet yahoo group. There are pictures of it here: nasal-snuff-club pics
    And also instructions how to make one in the files. I don't know if you have to be a member to view or not.
  • Dholakia White, is brutal. I like it, but only on the occasion when I want to simulate a punch to the face.
  • BartBart Member
    Looks like you have to be a member to view it, Xander..
  • GrommetGrommet Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    wickedkitchen Mar 4th 2010
    Kendal Brown burns like a sonofabitch. I love it I love it I love it...Wish GH was a little softer in texture though. I'd have tried to mess with the moisture and grind but I haven't figured out how to open those containers. I'm afraid I'll break it.

    Just prise open the 2 halves gently with your finger nale or a knife, work your way gradually arround the base where the 2 halves join
  • squarefiendsquarefiend Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    I might snuff some Spanish Jewel with a Spanish Toothpick. hehe, and a Bruton-Sparrow-Quit mix I have.
  • For me the strongest, nicotine wise, is NTSU. Dholakia White, Rooster and Three Thistles all SMELL very strong but they don't give me the nic hit I get from NTSU.

    Real "roughneck" stuff? Taxi and Babaton.
  • To be honest we are all so different that this question never means that much, I can shovel NTSU in (and enjiy it immensely) but then I will try some bog standard lil Poschl candy and it will burn like hell
  • @wickedkitchen - "Dholakia White makes my scalp almost bleed."

    I know you wrote this over a year ago (im browsing old threads) but thank you for giving me the perfect words to describe what I feel when the Quit hits juuuust right :)

    Gotta get me some D.White!
  • Never tried it myself, but I'm thinking there's a reason that "Bruton" is nick-named "Brutal".
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