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Que quieres? A story about a wish-granting snuff box

itsukeitsuke Member
edited December 2009 in General
Google Book is a gem~ I was supposed to be doing some research for my thesis paper, but instead I ended up looking for snuff related materials. Found this story about a snuff box that could grant your wishes within a collection of Basque legends~ The story is okay, not the best fairytale I have heard, but I am intrigued by the concept of a wish-granting snuff box. Now I kinda want one myself, wonder if I could find it on ebay~ XD
Just for the fun of it: If a magical snuff box came into your possession, what would you wish for?

Story Begins at the Bottom of Page 94


  • Winning lottery numbers, everything else would just fall into place
  • I'd wish to be strong and healthy until at least 90 years old. All other wishes would go to my wife and kids...if I'm strong and healthy then I'd be able to provide for them to some degree then like OTD said, everything else would just fall into place.
  • bobbob Member
    edited December 2009 PM
    Some hard to get snuffs. like made in before anyone here was alive snuffs. My real answer would be too graphic.
  • itsukeitsuke Member
    edited December 2009 PM
    @OTD: It's better to just wish for hard cold cash, this way the IRA won't cut a share of what you will get~ lol

    For myself, among the many dark and sinister wishes that I want, the least evil one that I can think of is for all those health nazis to shut up. Am I being too rude?
  • For my own personal library, stocked to my preferences. Naturally, tons of books, a turntable, endless snuff and maybe some decent wines/vodka would be counted in that for me. That would keep me happy.
  • To have superhuman powers, immortality and to rule the universe, MWAH HA HA HA HA!!!! Or right now a decent cup of tea wouldn't go amiss.
  • onefortheroadonefortheroad Member
    edited December 2009 PM
    I think everlasting good health would be one of my first wishes. But after seeing that it would continue to grant wishes I would be asking for safety from evil do-ers, wealth and health for myself and my loved ones. Most importantly I'd ask the snuff-box to only grant wishes to me for the rest of time, and to show up safely in my hand every morning. That should fix anyone trying to steal it from me.

    Oh, and thanks for posting this story itsuke.
  • edited December 2009 PM
    I'd wish for world peace. the end of hunger, and free healthcare for all.

    wait......nevermind. I wish for a bottle of Viagra and one night with Tiger Woods wife. And no access to golf clubs for her.

    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • I doubt I could ever wish for immortality. There's only so many books I need to read, and after I'm finished with them, what am I supposed to do with my time? Could always go visit the world, but again, only so much you can see before you've seen it all. I feel like I'd die of boredom if I was immortal.
  • @ itsuke
    Good save there my friend. Hate to let those baft dastards in on any o' the loot...
  • For me and my family to live happy ever after! oh yea and a good bit of cash would would be nice.
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