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Toque Natural Toast

edited November 2009 in General
I received this snuff minutes ago. Nobody said anything about it so far, so I decided to try this one first. And what a delight. Lovely nutty taste with just enough smoke. Very easy to take, no hitting the throat at all. I've taken 10 pinches within the first minute after I've opened the tin. It's going straight into my everyday toast snuff box.


  • Pieter, how does it compare,flavorwise, to F&T HDT? . From your short description they sound similar.
  • Really looking forward to this one. Will hopefully post my thoughts later today...
  • I've tried it, and it is very good and has (for me) quite a bit of smoke, almost comparable to a US Scotch. I think it actually is Toque Natural, toasted.
    It is different to F&T HDT, I don't (or at least haven't so far) got the same nuttiness that I get from HDT, but perhaps when I go on holiday on Sunday I can spend some more quality time with it.
  • If you are looking for a repeat of F&T HDT you are going to be disappointed. This is a different sniff altogether. Also, I think that the comparison to American plain Scotches may be a bit misleading to some. Even if you are not a fan of the American offerings (I am BTW), you should still give the Natural Toast a try. The American Scotches have a very distinct smokiness/harshness that is not present in the Toque. In fact, I almost did not order any of the Toque because I can get all the America snuff I want at the grocery store (I ended up trading Cstokes4 for some over at the exchange, who by the way is an excellent exchanger- Thanks C4). Anyway, had I not gotten a hold of the Natural Toast, I would have missed something very unique among snuffs

    To me the Natural Toast smells just like sniffing a good cigar (before it is lit). I know of nothing out there that so closely resembles this smell. I have tried pipe tobaccos, Snus, and various snuffs that claim to have cigar leaf in them or that reviewers say has cigar undertones. None of them to date does what Toque has done- that pure sweet unlit cigar smell to a T.

    Excellent Excellent snuff and well worth a try.

    As a side note if you want a Toque that resembles an American Scotch without the harshness, try the Bourbon. To me it is a great intro into the genre. I have always thought Roderick should rename this one or at least package it under a second name- something like Yankee Nose, American Cousin, or Colonial Tartan
  • Yankee Nose! Ha!

    I don't think that it's nearly as smokey as the US Scotches. It's as finely ground though so it'll fly right through if you're not careful, but even that's not as bad as a throat full of Brutons. I like the color too and it's a very soft snuff. It seems to have a little less body than HDT though I can see the similarities and I find HDT to be more nutty. This is a little lighter, if you know what I mean. I stopped noticing the BBQ taste w/ my scotches to a good degree until I've started to get to know this guy. It's nice to have another good choice that'll put a smile on you're face.
  • I spent most of yesterday on Berwick Brown and today i took along the Natural toast. It does have a very fine grind like some of the US scotches, and I would say it's closest in texture to the Helme (swisher) grinds. It's extremely light and fluffy. That's about as far as I would compare it to a US scotch though. But, I wouldn't exactly lump it in with the HDT's either, be it F&T or Wilson #22. No, natural toast is unique. As a natural, it has very little actually detectable flavors, but there is a hint of something that for the life of me I can't identify. (But I've worked up a pretty good buzz repeatedly sniffing it to see if I can pull the scent I'm detecting from the deep dark recesses of my olfactory data bank). Anyway, in a nut shell I really like this one. It can be used all day without any real clogging and I think it's got a decent nic hit. I would advise you to use it indoors or on calm days though because this stuff is lighter than air.
  • kjoerupkjoerup Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    From what I'm reading here, Toque Natural Toast sounds similar to the less smoky varieties of American scotches. Is it anything like Navy or Standard? I like all American scotches (especially Honest and W.E. Garrett), but the likes of Navy and Standard are some of the most uninvolving Scotches for my tastes. That being the case, would I be disappointed with Toque Natural Toast? If it helps any, my favorite snuff is Wilsons HDT No. 22.
  • edited November 2009 PM
    This snuffs looks like a US Scotch, same almost yellow colour, fine grind and feel between the fingers. But that's it.
    It's got a distinct nutty flavour with the smoky, toast flavour coming in a little later. But there is something more and to me it's a far away, very slight, shadow of some citrus.
    I've taken numerous pinches without any snuff hitting my throat. It's not harsh like some of the US Scotches nor is it as soft as F&T HDT. In fact, it can't be compared with any of the HDT's known to me.
    Of the three new Toques, this one is the most interesting to me. It's a unique snuff. After about 15 pinches, I've blown my nose now and what remains is a very soft reminder of smoked nuts.
    I love F&T HDT. I also fell in love with Toque's Natural Toast. Both are super nice snuffs.
  • @kjoerup "Toque Natural Toast sounds similar to the less smoky varieties of American scotches"

    I would say no (I mean I guess you could find similarities between any two snuff types) But if you are looking for an English American Scotch- i.e. a mutt snuff- then your quest continues. Toque NT is unique. If you like the American Scotches or the English HDTs you will probably like NT because you like more natural, finer ground snuffs. But if you ONLY like American Scotches or ONLY like English HDT then you will probably not like NT because it is neither. Regardless, NT is well worth trying. To me it is the scent of a fine unlit cigar and absolutely wonderful.

    Of course the comforting thing to remember in all this is that, in the end, all the answers to all your questions about this snuff, resides in the tin itself.
  • Damnit! I ordered the Toque BB and Lime toast but left out the natural thinking it would be a less smoky bourbon. I guess I'll have to make another order :)
  • Not ordered yet fron what you all say it seems to be up to Roderick's usual standards.
  • I am spending the whole morning now with the Natural Toast and I have to say I like it. It does not impress or suprise me, but it is still very good. Personally I prefer Wilsons IHT No. 22, for me it has lighter and more complex aroma. Toque is a bit too bitter in my opinion, but as I said I like it as well; different, but very decent.
  • Big AlBig Al Member
    edited December 2009 PM
    I prefer this over the Wilsons 22 or even F&T HDT as its lighter more creamy and fluffy with a greater level of smoky nuttiness, it really is excellant and being so finely ground the nicotine hit is more pronounced. I never expected to like this one so much and like mrmaroon left it off the order when i got the Berwick Brown and Lime Toast. For me this is one of those snuffs where i have a hard time keeping my fingers out of the tin so much so this has a good chance of becoming a must have bulk buy snuff.
  • This snuff is way up there with my favourite (WoS IHT No22). Congrats to Rodders on this one, superb, toasty, nutty and very sniffable.
  • Its not like F and T HDT, agreed, but I doubt he was looking for that anyway. Toques' weakness has been most of the snufffs being made from the same basic 'flour' - they have been great snuffs but I was really craving a dry, natural toast. I've got to say the stuff is wonderful - as toffeenose said it could almost pass as a US snuff due to the heavy smokiness in the taste. I don't think there has been any attempt to copy FandT and that would be a fruitless excercise anyway; the Fribourgs is truly great. But Toque gets better with every snuff they introduce and this is a classsic move.
  • I finally got my hands on the Natural Toast. It strikes me as a unique Anglo-American hybrid, somewhere between Wilsons Irish HDT No. 22 and an American Scotch on the mid-level of the smokiness scale (Honest comes to mind). The Toque does not have the complexity and buttery smoothness of the Wilsons Irish HDT (but then what does?), but it's not trying to emulate Wilsons HDT or the full bodied richness of the American Scotches. Perhaps the Natural Toast suffers a bit from the "neither one nor quite the other" syndrome, but it is nonetheless a very good snuff. It may also be the perfect way in for those not quite ready for the American Scotches.

    I am even more impressed with the Toque Lime Toast I also received. The lime flavor is absolutely outstanding, and it complements this toast base extremely well. This one is definitely a winner. I really hope we see more flavors that use the toast base. (I would love to see a Toque Rum Toast....)

    Nothing is ever going to replace Wilsons Irish HDT No. 22 as my everyday snuff, but as a huge fan of toasts, I am really thrilled about this new development.
  • This seems just like F&T HDT, but with less fish and chips.
  • bobbob Member
    never tried this one. About to receive a whole lot of it. Ordered the biggest size they offer and you guys are making me thing I didn't mess that one up. Also getting some rose and lavender. If I am not pleased with the toast there might be some big time trading going on. Though sounds great.
  • @bob if your a fan of HDT youl learn to love TNT if you don't at first.
    Its less delicate than HDT but accounting for the superior economy its overall better snuff to use IMO.
  • To me Toque NT and FT HDT are quite similar, both excellent, but not different enough that I would always have both on hand. Perhaps my nose is less sophisticated than most of the above commentators. One should try both if possible. Will always have one in my top 5. Sorry to hijack slightly but i just love the FT Kendal Brown i recently obtained, pity it's going away..quite distinct [more subtle, less floral] from the WoS KB
    --i say this keeping in mind that most of you feel they are not true kendals.
  • bobbob Member
    One of my favorites is the HDT and toque natural is a favorite so I said this will probably be good. The two newest comments make me think I made the right choice. To be honest I've realize floral and natural are my two favorite snuff styles to a point of making other snuffs kind of whatevers. Also they agree with my nose the best. Which the HDT was a favorite because I could pack my nose without getting clogged or irritated.
  • bobbob Member
    Just got this and I really like it. I like it better then the HDT to be honest. I don't think it's objectively better but I think it suits my tastes much better. I'd say it's more tobaccoish then the HDT. There is a cigar like under tone too it. Still has the creamy and nutty qualities but with a little bit of a cigar leaf smell. It's got more of an edge to it then the HDT which doesn't mean it's harsh it's still a very smooth snuff scent wise and nose feel but the HDT is a little more "wimpy" for lack of a better term. All around a new favorite and with a little more character then the HDT. If you are a fan of toasts there is no reason not to try this one and if you've not tried any toasts yet this is a good place to investigate this style of snuff.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 14 PM
    If TNT is really unflavoured, then super aromatic tobacco(s) are used for this snuff. It could easily qualify as scented. Although this strong sweet alco-honeyish scent I get there doesn not overwhelm the natural aroma of toasted tobacco, it clearly dominates. Yes, I know how sweet a pure toast can be (the discontinued SG Irish
    D-light), but this tin of TNT is another dimension. I still wonder tho, could it be that it "caught" a good whiff of Toque USA W&H flavour from that economy bag in transit. Or did I get a mislabeled regular Toque Whiskey and Honey..

    Texture-wise TNT is closest to the present SG Irish D - it's a tad more coarse than WoS Irish No. 22 and F&T HDT. I find it lower on nic than WoS and F&T. Still, moreish it is, and whilst it doesn't beat No.22 or Irish D for me, I prefer TNT to HDT.
  • When ordering more than 1 ecobag of Toque you will get cross contamination of flavours during transit. My W&H reeks of Ambrosia because of cross contamination during tansit. Only order 1 bag at a time if ordering flavoured snuffs.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @n9inchnails Yes! And not just in shipping but storage too. I put a 50g W&H economy bag exactly as it came double-bagged from Toque in a tupperware with some 6Photo and the W&H came out a few months later smelling like an incense shop.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 19 PM
    That annoying cross-contam resulted sweet aroma has aired out and I am left with 2/3-full tin of a plain toast. Finally.

    On a side note, I used to dig Toque USA W&H, but after a year's break I find that sweet side somewhat off-putting. I prefer plain toast to scented and would like to try a "honey-free" version of this toast and rustica blend.
  • Toque Bourbon is pretty much a honey free W&H.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited August 19 PM
    I agree with @n9inchnails about that, but the base of the UK version seems to me more like Toque Natural which is darker and plainer than Natural Toast- or possibly Quit. I want to say the base of USA WH is very similar to that of Natural Toast.
  • Thanks @n9inchnails and @SammyD13, I'll check the Bourbon. I like both TN and NT.
  • Love it. Toque has one of the nicest toasts I've ever had. To me it's as good as F&T HDT.
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