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The Strongest Snuff

ThothThoth Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
I was wondering what, in the opinion of the group, was the strongest snuff they have ever tried. I have always found Poschl Red Bull and Fribourg & Treyer HDT to be pretty hefty in their own different ways. I recently, however, ordered a container of McChrystals English Menthol and after taking an unwisely generous first sniff, nearly had the top of my head blown off! Further experimentation has confirmed my impression that this is far and away the strongest snuff I have ever taken. What does the group think? I've heard that some of the American snuffs can be quite intimidating too.


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Probably Dingler Magnet Menthol Snuff. In the product description it even has a warning: The Magnet Medicated Menthol Snuff comes from Leonard Dingler, South Africa, and is a very strong and powerful Menthol Snuff.
    Nothing for the weak, but probably right because of this worth to point out and recommend for all who search for something special.

    The Dingler snuffs have nicotine content higher than Giraffe Balls compared to others and thats a fact.

    Coming in second I would definitely say the American Rooster or Levi!

    *edit.. Now that everyone knows about Spanish Jewel, it definitely belongs on the top of the list well ahead of others.
  • hi,
    last month their was snuff fair in kempton,where DHOLAKIA TOBACCO PVT LTD..CHAKLI blue COOL menthol snuff was said to be the strongest snuff of the world by the snuff lovers.wants to know more on this issue-contact
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  • Either Taxi Red or Spanish Jewel.
  • edited April 2008 PM
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  • bobbob Member
    yeah it's intense. I personaly love the stuff.
  • I used to use a eucalyptus type called Dr. Rumney's that was pretty strong. I don't know if it's still available.
  • As far as nicotine, nothing I've tried so far has quite the kick that Spanish Jewel does. You can actually feel the nicotine travel through your body. Simply amazing snuff. I can't wait 'til the next time we do a group purchase....if we do another.
  • Yeah when I first made the post above, no one but Pedro and I knew what Spanish Jewel was so I left it out of the list as I was just listing commercially available snuffs. But know that everyone is acquainted with it, I would put it on top of the list as well.
  • "You can actually feel the nicotine travel through your body. Simply amazing snuff. I can't wait 'til the next time we do a group purchase....if we do another."

    You can count me in on that if it happens again. I only fear trying something so wonderful that isn't readily and commercially available.
  • proboscis, even if it runs out and is never available again, the Jewel is still worth experiencing at least once.
  • Very true. And a little bit of this snuff goes a loooooong way. I couldn't imagine using more than a pinch at a time.
  • I concur that Spanish Jewel is the strongest snuff. I love snuff and can do pinch after pinch, but Spanish Jewel I have to be careful with!
  • Spanish Jewel sometimes gives me a little sting in the tear duct of my right eye when I blow. Now some strong snuff!
  • I am the opposite of Mopey, while I do agree that Spanish Jewel is the strongest...I cannot seem to get enough of it, I do one pinch after another. It is an amazing snuff, my ounce is almost gone.
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  • RoamRoam Member
    Ozona President is quite strong,if you take a good pinch,then tey call you red eyed avenger :D
  • i think this is more about nicotine than nasal sensations.

    magnet menthol seems to pack some punch. astoundingly i also find the loewenprise on the stronger side for me. am i strange? (then i take large pinches of that one, which might help..)
  • Never had the pleasure of pinch of Spanish Jewel. But I go along with betonente. It's Magnet Menthol for me. Pity about the containers, always transfer it to one of my Snuffboxes.
  • xsysxsys Member
    Lowen Prise is on the stronger side for me as well. But Spanish Jewel certainly is the strongest snuff. It is very fine and quite dry, so you get a lot of nicotine from it.
  • bobbob Member
    I've noticed that harsher scent elements seem to often produce quicker absorbtion of nicoteen this is based off of scenting the same tobacco with diffrent scents.
  • Taxi Red Extra Strong is the strongest snuff from Dingler,
    and the strongest snuff i know.
  • Anybody knows where to buy Spanish Jewel in the EU? Cheers
  • from what i understand the only way to get the juwel would be through this group? or a trip to spain.. ^^
  • I might sell some of mine, I havn't really got into Spanish Jewel to much. A couple times I took alot of it I actually got sick, so I don't know if because of its strength I got to much nicotine or not? When I take smaller doses of it I feel nothing though.
  • sprangalangsprangalang Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    I think the strongest I've had is home made from American twists. I was expecting the Taxi Red to be mind blowing, but, although very nice, not as strong as I expected.
  • Dry it out and grind it fine. This might help with the nic absorption
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