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What tin did you empty today?



  • Taxi Rock
    12g is nothing here, as it´s shoved up like Schmalzler. Indeed, personally I call it Afrikaans Schmalzler.
  • lol, Red Star. I use them like that too.
  • Just dropped a tin of Toque Bourbon on the floor as I was trying to close it. It rolled under the desk and left its contents everywhere. :-(
  • @ Xander, sorry to hear that Alex. Do what I did when my laptop CD/DVD drawer popped open asking for a disc and knocking my tin off the desk. Get down there, and be a human vacuum cleaner!

    Just used up my Ganga.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    I don't want to snuff up the carpet fibers, dried tea spills, snack crumbs, Xander hair, dog hair, etc. I used the actual vacuum. I need it it anyway. I can still smell the Bourbon in here now, even after just giving myself a Neti wash.
  • Just finished off a box of De Kralingse A/P.
  • apap Member
    WOS Ice Liquorice
  • My last container of Square is gone.
    You're a human vacuum cleaner Snuff Head. I wish my wife could see you consume all that snuff. Maybe she wouldn't get on my case for how much and how often I snuff.
  • They don't call him Snuff Head for nothing.
  • @ onefortheroad & Xander, LOL! I'd love to see you making them snuff boxes Patrick, I'd have a pinch of your sawdust.
  • Poschl Gawith Apricot. I must have 2 more in the freezer (I hope).
  • Finished off a 10g tin of SG Honey last night and a 10g tin of Gold Mull this morning. I hasten to add that they were far from full when I picked them out of the snuff drawer!
  • Finished of a box of De Kralingse Choco Mint last night.
  • Now finished a box of Gawith Hoggarth Sea Breezes.
  • Bloody hell John! If it isn't already your last name should be Dyson lol.

  • I´d bet the air gets thin when John starts sniffin´!
    Impressive speed, Snuff Head!!!
  • box of Samuel Gawith - Black Coffee
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Packard´s Club Snuff
  • They don't call him Retox for nothing!

    Wait, what's retox mean? Is that the opposite of detox?
  • Just done in large tin of McC's O&G now reaching for another in my shock.
  • By the end of the day I will have done my 10g tin of Lime Toast which I got on Monday.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    @ snuffster, I'm trying to go steady with my Lime Toast. Want to have some around until it's release date.
  • GH Kendal Brown. Now I'm down to three more boxes.
  • Snuffhead, I just can't resist!
  • snuffster, Willpower, I have it. That's how I stopped smoking
  • Well done John, your medal is in the post.
  • Just finished a Toque Vanilla. Some is still around in various mixes though.
  • Around 01:00 hrs. this morning I took the last pinch from a 10g tin of Whisky & Honey.
  • A 10g tin of Pomegranate.
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