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What tin did you empty today?



  • Polished off the remains of a tin of Toque Spanish Gem last night.
  • I just finished Wilson's Cinnamon... That's a great snuff ;)
  • A 10g tin of Sam Gawith's Red Crest today. But I have some more stashed away.
  • For someone who can't stand menthol and doesn't like Poschl, my first ever (I know!) box of Gawith Apricot disappeared very quickly. I'm going into town today, I think I'll buy more than one this time! I noticed Greens still had a load of old Sam Gawith tins on display last time I was there, I wonder how desperate they are to shift them.
  • The 8g tub of Neffa Ifrikia is finally, and sadly, empty.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Sorry Tony, I don't pity you.

    If I keep going on this JH Wilson's Medicated No. 99, it will be dead. Luckily I have some in my cart at Nicotine Rush.
  • Bah, they only had them on display because they fit in the case. I did get two more Gawith Apricots for this new fan.

    Just cracked open a tin of Toque Peach that I thought was empty to find a pinch, wahay. I picked it up at random to use as a little chamois cream (for your arse when cycling) tin, it only just dawned on me that I couldn't have picked a better one!
  • finished off my Toque Quit - can't get more once payday hits, GAH!
  • FyL: I feel the pain. Killed my Toque Natural a few weeks ago, and now my Quit is getting dangerously low...and no chance of re ordering anytime soon b/c of finances!
  • Another empty can of Rooster. I hate that.
  • My Toque Absinthe....all over my keyboard...hate it when that happens.
  • Small tins of O&G and Tom Buck today
  • My 10g of Toque Vanilla.
  • Taxi Rock
  • Toque Quit. I made myself finish what little I had left before starting into these new ones. I will miss it, but someday I'm going to keep either that or Natural around at all times.
  • Just Finished a container of Swedish Match Kensington Luxury English Snuff.
  • Found a few grams of Gawith's apricot hidden in a drawer. Decided I should just finish it off.
  • A sad day indeed - I "cleaned up some loose ends". Killed a small tin of McChrystals Anisette, a 10g tin of Toque Coke, and a 10g tin of WoS Best Dark. Jeez.
  • Wilson's Brunswick. a little happy about it. Not on my favorites list, but I'm to cheap to toss it out.
  • Just finished a box of Barnard's Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert.
  • edited October 2009 PM
    Just finished my last tin of Toque Original 10G. Now I really can't wait for the mailman to arrive. I'm almost out of Sp's!! just have a bit of J&H that i flavored myself with carnation petals right in the tin, been 3 days, it's time to check it out.....
    (2 mins later)
    Wow, it's nothing like wilsons carnation, i can barely catch the scent of the flower, but this is one sure way to rehydrade snuff!!! =D
  • I just tossed out an almost full tin of wilsons Burgundy. I'll never like this one.
  • :'-(
  • This afternoon I emptied a 10g tin of Toque Peppermint.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Blast Cola Champagne
  • Polished off the tin of Cob Gold this afternoon. I NEED MORE!!!!
  • Just done in a box of Pöschl Löwen-Prise.
  • Now emptied my Chapman Strong Snuff.
  • Good grief, Snuff Head. You're knocking them down like beer bottles!
  • @ Xander, No; LOl. There just almost used containers I just want to see go. Some I'll re order.
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