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What tin did you empty today?



  • All cuddled up on the couch with my O&G and what? The tin is empty! I pulled a nose hair out to distract my feeble mind. I guess I refilled my mini tin upstairs with the remainder. A pinch of SM500 instead. Not the same, just not the same.
  • A tin of SP 100. Back on my home blend of various Toques now,
  • A 10g tin of Toque Original. Just as well I have a 100g bulk bag ordered. I'd hate to be without that one.
  • Very close to finishing a small tin of WoS Grand Cairo.
  • Just had the last pinch of my Samuel Gawith K.B. Special.
  • Polished off yet another little box GH of Camphor/Menthol, my ritual morning nose-clearer.

    Love the stuff!
  • I was in my local pub last night and a chap showed interest in my snuff and asked if he could try some. He helped me finish my Pöcshl's Mac Craig Royal. He's not on the Internet and now I have to take him some snuff in for next Tuesday evening.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Snuff Head, you are a gentleman. Glad to see this type of chivalry still exist.
  • @ cstokes4, thanks. But that is what we do in the pub, any one is welcome to pinches of mine and ermtony's snuff. I'm the one who feels in debt as he bought me a pint costing just over $4 just on closing time. A full box of Mac Craig Royal would only cost around $3.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Well you know what they say about good deeds... they are returned twice over.
  • Two today...Mild Lemon and Toque Bourbon
  • Just finished a 7g box of Pöschl's Mac Craig Royal.
  • 20g of Ntsu! How did this hapen?
    Hopefully NicRush will have it in stock soon.
    How did I become a Ntsu junkie?
  • toffenose that is messed up cause I 'am about to kill some grand cairo .
  • Just polished off the remains of a 100g bag of Sternecker Fresko before heading for the Railroad Mills Scotch. That one isn't going to last much longer either.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    A small tin of McC OG.
  • A 8.75 g can of the Original & Genuine ,it's the second can in a row .Thank God I just recieved the twenty something gram tin in the mail along with some rooster and others .I got toque sp extra as a sample and it is excellent .I might have to invest in some
  • Took the last pinch out of a McC's Mild & Lemon last night.
  • One of my SP 100 tins from Cornwall, only one left to go, very sad..
  • A small tin of Original and genuine,and some Red Bull,only got some F&T DRJustice ,Hedges,and some President left,waiting for my Toque order.
  • Molens DeKralingse Hollandse Bolongaro
  • Coming to the bottom of my second medium tin of O&G now.
  • Just cracked open my box of Samuel Gawiith CCC, took the remaining particles that was left. That's it, one Samuel Gawith CCC done.
  • Finished a small Taxi Blue yesterday. I realy don't see the point in these 12g tins. They disappear too fast.
  • Now I've just finished my Samuel Gawith Zip.
  • Finished some President today.
  • I just opened up my tube of Carhart's Choice and it was empty! I did not empty it today, but I don't know whre it all went. I had a spare but I traded that one to Viking :-/
    Its a good thing there is a shop within walking distance that carries this one. :-)
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Wowser. You finished a whole tin of US Scotch?!

    You are out of control, Xander, really out of control.
  • Pocket tin of levi garrett sweet.
  • LOL
    Where does one get a pocket tin, perique?
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