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should DHOLAKIA SNUFF enter u.s market?will people in u.s buy dholakia?

namratanamrata Member
edited June 2007 in Types of Snuff
i am wondering weather dholakia...should enter worried..will people ..wellcome..indian exoctic snuff..would like to hear from you all more on this topic.


  • thanks...
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  • thanks to you 2.
  • oh!really i liked that.
  • U.S. site selling Dholakia snuff in pre-filled bottles to use on bullets. They are under different names like: Remission, Lotus, Bliss, Spiral, Spiral Blue.
  • thanks friend for sending me links...i was not aware about it.
  • AlexAlex Member
    Interesting idea. Is repacking usually allowed? I didn't know that.
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  • Im not positive but I believe this is the store that is handling the US distributions of the Dholakia snuff samples. Because when I got my sample from the US distributer for Dholakia, the package had a snuff bullet in the sample and was labeled over everything. Along with a new flavor Sandalwood.
    Please correct me if I am wrong about this but I was under the impression that was the distributer for Dholakia snuff to the U.S because there was no other literature in the package except for what said
  • Hello Smarvy,

    Depends what the agreement was. I know that large companies produce the same product under different labels for different retailers. As long as it is a standing agreement I have no problems. Things are different when there is no agreement. But on the other hand I can say this easily because we are a foundation without the aim of making profit, but with the aim of preserving old production methods, so I have no problem that Mars in the USA sells under the name of Dutch windmill and the SnuffStore in Germany sells it as Zwei Mühlen brand. In both cases the logo of the windmills "The Star" and and "The Lily" are recognisable on the labels.

    Jaap Bes.
  • I agree it does sound weird. But all I had to go on was the small labels from snuv on the main bag holding my samples. I guess I expected a little more literature in the sample package.
  • Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. Snuff Sample Enquiry I received an email the next day saying it was being sent by David (Mr. Snuff) an exclusive importer of Dholakia for North America. Here is a copy of email.


    Thanks for your enquiry regarding a sample of Dholakia snuffs.

    We are the exclusive importers for Dholakia snuffs for North America. You will receive your package from us soon.

    We should warn you that these snuffs are very fine, dry and highly perfumed. As such the flavors are excellent, and long lasting and the hit is strong and fast. However, they are similar in sniffing quality to High Dry Toast and are hence NOT beginner snuffs. We do have some exciting new flavors (you will receive a free sample of the sandalwood snuff in this shipment).

    In addition very soon we will have coarser grind snuffs with a higher moisture content. These are along the lines of European style snuffs and are easier for beginner/intermediate snuffers to handle. We will let you know as soon as they become available.

    If you like the snuffs spread the word. If not let us know why and we will suggest alternatives we think you may enjoy more.

    Best regards,


    Mr. Snuff
  • My only complaint with the samples is that they came in individual very thin ziplock bags. And because the bags are so thin the scent was able to breath through the bags and being packaged together for 4 days,the highly perfumed snuffs contaminated the other snuffs so they all taste very close to each other.
  • sorry folks...I have been offline for a while.

    Allow me to clear up things up. is my website. Part of the original plan was to import and rebrand Dholakia snuffs through multiple websites. Namrata is well aware of this. We have been in communication for about a year or so (before either of us appeared on this site). She asked me if I would like to handle the enquiries coming through her website in India, and I agreed. However, this is putting the cart before the horse as I have STILL not sorted out a merchant account in North America who is willing to enter into the risky business involving the dreaded tobacco. This problem will I hope be solved in the coming days. I did not intend for anybody to visit the site until I had it fully functional. Hence there will be a holding page set up until then so as to avoid anybody trying to buy any product.

    Part of the process is removing all the other snuffs and selling only Dholakia snuffs as Dholakia snuffs, with the other flavors branded under different funky names. Ultimately the goal is to introduce snuff to a new N American market, not just the snuff geeks like us. You guys are WAY too smart to be fooled by a name change! I do take Smarvy's point very seriously regarding the "super soda". Again these were ideas we came up with way back when and since abandoned. I am kicking myself that I didn't take down the site before sending you guys the samples. The only reason it was live was for the google spiders to find it, and to show something to the merchant account folks, not you snuff experts.

    This has been a long drawn out constantly evolving process and I apologize for the confusion. I hope it will be worth the wait for you all when the site finally goes live. Trust me it is no easy task selling snuff in the USA and Canada, at least setting it up from scratch.

    On a more positive note, we now have 25 different snuffs which means that we have many flavors from Dholakia that are not normally produced, in addition to the 5 you are familiar with. Eleven of those are coarser grind, moister versions of the drier snuffs. They are delicious and easy to snuff (in fact sandalwood has become my new first choice). Obviously these will be aimed more at the beginner/intermediate market rather than you guys, though when I get going, I would be happy to send you some as a sample in exchange for your honest opinions.

    The good news is I resigned from my day job a couple of weeks ago, so from August on I will be focusing on sorting things out full-time; the result is that we will get going a lot faster.

    Again, please accept my sincere apologies for all the confusion. I highly value this site and the opinions of all the members of it, and about the last thing I would want to do would be to upset you guys.

    David aka Mr.Snuff

    ps: the reason for the pretentious name is because I also own resist the temptation to go does not exist as a website yet. (but it will!)
  • Thanks Mr. Snuff for clearing up the confusion. I will be waiting anxiously for your site to be online so I can order more Dholakia snuff,,, MMMM MMMMMMM Gooooooddd!!!!! I have grown very fond of the Kamal snuff and the new Sandalwood. Very good. Its like an angel kissing my nose.
  • Welcome to the snuff game. Finding a payment processor who will handle tobacco in the States appears to be the biggest stumbling block so far for fledgling snuff companies. There is another snuff company in Canada going through the same turmoil. If you like I can put you in touch and maybe he can help. The more snuff companies we have the more aware of snuff the public become. Toque Tobacco is very keen to welcome competition as it isn’t really competition, just rising snuff awareness.
  • I agree with your sentiments regarding competition Roderick. The market is more than big enough to support us and a dozen others. The key right now is generating awareness of the product in toto rather than trying to grab market share. At this point it seems to me that any of our marketing efforts actually benefits all of us.
  • bobbob Member
    I've never found a snuff brand that eliminates my desire for snuffs from the other companies. In fact a lot of times if I do one snuff that is similar to one by another company I'll desire to do some from the other company too.
  • I love Dolahkia snuffs. Sorry to hear of your difficulties with credit cards. Even established companies like Mars Cigars and Pipes have been hit with this BS. It makes me mad as heck they can now only accept money orders. I sent them a decent order just out of solidarity. BTW, walmart sells m.o.s for $.46.

    I would do the same with Dolahkia. Namrata has established enough good will here that some of us would be willing to send money orders by snail mail. And do take a page from Toque's playbook - offer sample AND economy-sized packages for your range of product.

    Best of luck
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Well the description on the Dholakia website for the blue says it is a very light menthol flavoring so it really does fit with in its description. I think they leave it light because some do use it orally for their teeth. I'm fine with that because I'm not a big menthol fan to begin with. And yes they do have some good scents.
  • hello friends,
    feels good when you all talk about DHOLAKIA SNUFF. with all your suggestions and gidence, very soon we are comming up with our international lines of snuff in which all snuff user will find his/her favourate.we will have in total 10 snuffs two in each lines i.e indian,europian,english,american and exclusive snuff for woman.
  • I'm intrigued! What sort of snuff would be exclusively for women? As it is, my wife enjoys the various SPs and Tom Buck in particular, while my daughter seems to be on an O&G/Ozona President kick at the moment. I can't see either of them going for something aimed exclusively at women. Or have I missed something?
  • marketing something especially to women is sexist. but that is how marketing works ^^
    look at all that girly stuff that litters your local newspaperist or watch korean television and be aghast in amazement on what people buy if it is supposed to underline your womanhood.
    anyway. i will try the girly snuffs. ha.
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