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Wilson's Camphor & Mild

SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
Snuff Head recommended I try C&M. I ordered it a long time ago and hadn't gotten around to opening it until today as my stock continues to dwindle and some of my favorites have gone missing.

I can see why Snuff Head likes this, it's a real snuffer's snuff if ever there was one. It's to my mind a fairly unusual combination of a really nice tobacco base with camphor. The unusual bit is it isn't medicated/mentholated.

What you get is a real old-timey honest to goodness snuff that seems like the recipe must be hundreds of years old. Very interesting and recommended to the camphor fan.

I haven't decided whether I'll stay with S.M. Blue when I want camphor or if this will grow on me more, as I generally prefer mentholated snuffs. If you like camphor, or particularly old-timey snuffs, give this one a try.

Thanks to Snuff Head for the recommendation.

I understand this was out of production until a fellow nicknamed Brother Paul convinced Wilsons to bring it back. If he's on the forum, my thanks go out to him for a fine choice.


  • Snuffbox, I like it so much that I just got a drum of it!
  • Wow!
  • Reminds me of O&G, but without the menthol. Nothing fancy, but very moreish and easy going.
  • I've never tasted it but you gentlemen convinced me and I've ordered some straight away.
  • apap Member
    It is very good indeed!
  • someone used to post by the name of Bro. Paul as I've learned from reading the snuffhouse archives (I'm almost caught up!)

    Excuse my ignorace, but I really don't know what camphor is. I suppose I'll be trying it though. Another one to put on the wish list.
  • @Snuffbox - If you like camphor and menthol, have you tried Sam Gawith Zip? If you haven't I would highly recommend it.
  • Xander, camphor is a product of pine trees. It has antisceptic properties. It's an acquired taste!

    Leman, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I can't buy the 1 oz SG tins where I live without paying a ransom. I know I can get the 10g size online, but I really don't care to buy in small quantities.

    Unless SG changes their policies I guess what I have on hand now will be the last of my SG.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    Well, this and some other discussions finally got me thinking a number of things. I need to get a lot more SG styles. So I ventured over to My Smoking Shop uk and bought a bunch of them in the TINS, they have brown and yellow tins. What's that all about? I figured I better grab a few up while they last, as the changeover to tap out boxes has come as we discussed elsewhere. Now you know I agree with those who hate the Wilson's style tin, and I guess these are the same, but they're still head and shoulders better than tap outs. Yeah, I broke my buying moratoium already... picked up a Gawith Cola too to try, before they're gone forever too. No more Robby's Mint....

    I was actually impressed with the selection at that shop, although I think their shipping is too high and they charge VAT to foreign customers.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    The yellow label tins (some look as if the tins are brown in the photos, but they're not) are old (as the hills) stock. I wouldn't buy them unless they're toasts. Anything else will be bone dry by now. They look like Wilson's tins, but they're not the same. They rust. Badly.
  • They will probably adjust VAT on checkout. They're not allowed to charge it if you don't live in EU. SG tried to charge me VAT, and I said nothing doing. Never heard from them again.
  • too late. there's already a yellow in my order.
  • Camphor and Mild is one of my favourite snuffs, it is a light camphor taste with what I think is lemon, I can't quite make my mind up on the other flavours in this snuff. It is quite complex and unique definately one to try.

  • Stefan I think you have something there. I definitely picked up some citrus in mine. Couldn't quite place it either.

    Which ones did you order Xander? Actually now that I remember it, the brown is because the clear cellophane tin wrappers yellowed with age!
  • All the SG snuffs I have received in the old tins have been dried out, lacking in aroma, with a metallic edge. At least with the new style dispensers, you know the snuff will be fresh.
  • There were definitely 2 styles of tin available, one brown and one yellow. Three if you count the new plastic ones. The browns were not just darkened with age, they have a distinct look about them over the yellows.
    Look at:
    My Smoking Shop
    and go to Sam Gawith and you will see what I mean. They didn't have every variety in all three, but most had two.
    I don't have a list of the ones I ordered, so I forgot which ones they were.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Yep, It's a moth repellant. It's also used as an anti-rust agent and as and analgesic and antimicrobial agent.
  • i thought mothballs were crystalized amonnia? That's why they evaporate over time. They have a repulsive smell. So if you want to keep me out of your snuff, just add some mothballs to it.
  • The moth balls you are thinking of are naphthalene or para-dichlorobenzene but I have seen camphor used like you would cedar wood as a more friendly alternative. Camphor does not have any toxic side effects that I know of.
  • @Xander - I have gotten a few of the old yellow label tins from my smoking shop. They were a bit more rusted than the ones with the maroon labels, but not too bad. They didn't seem to be any more dried out either.
  • Thanks for the tip leman. Yes, I suppose they are maroon labels. The shop actually gives you the choice though, which is nice. They don't actually tell you what color, just (B) or (Y), so I presumed it was brown since it looks more brown than black or blue. Actually it looks like the same color they use on the new plastic dispensers, which I guess is maroon. I'm glad to know you didn't have a bad experience with yours.

    I'd like to say which one I got in yellow, and which ones in brown, but for some reason earthlink mail service isn't working tonight, so if they sent the order receipt I can't read it. I know i got some of the "crests" and cuckoo and some other weird names and maybe apricot. I also grabbed some Pöshl shmalzers and some Bernards. These areas of my collection had gaping holes. So much for my buying moratorium. Also want to get the new Toques. Good thing I got my taxes done and have a refund coming, it makes me feel better about spending.
  • I believe the yellow tins pre-date the maroon tins. They must be very old.
  • Camphor in snuffs can have an odd effect upon me, if there's a lot of throat drip then I suddenly realise my throat struggles to swallow.  Have never had this with any other snuffs, but those with camphor can do this if I've been using a lot and experienced a lot of throat drip.  Effect seems to last a few hours and isn't dependent upon moisture in the mouth, it's very uncomfortable however to try to swallow and the muscles feel 80% paralysed.
  • Wilson's need to bring this one back. Mainly because I haven't got much left of the stockpile I bought off My Smoking Shop at the time of the label change law thingy!
  • What's this one called these days?
  • It was one of many discontinued.
  • god i wish i could get ahold of more of this
  • The Toque Camphor and Clove is rather nice...how did this one compare to those lucky enough to try?
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