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Is it OK to snuff everyday?? How often do you take snuff?

bigbuyerbigbuyer Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking
I want some of your feeling and experiences on taking snuff everyday, multiple times per day.
It has become a part of my day. I carry at least one or two flavors with me wherever I go.
Should I be giving my nose a rest now and then?


  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    I took a week off recently and didn't notice anything when I started again or when I stopped. I was snuffing 6-12 pinches a day for about six months and went up to maybe 30 pinches in a long day.

    I never smoked cancer sticks but I do enjoy pipes and cigars. I don't like nicotine much and don't have much tolerance for it. If I take too much snuff I feel bad, like when you have too much coffee. After awhile you get a rhythm going.

    Just let how you feel decide what to do.
  • I have never even considered giving my nose a break.
  • tom502tom502 Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    I have been snuffing all day everyday since the 1st time I ever tried it, about a month and a half ago. I did try to take a day off, but ended up snuffing around 4pm that day. I have never counted my daily sniffs. Sometimes my nose will run, and I'll blow it, and then take another. But it seems others must be doing it more than me, as I can't imagine running out for an extremly long time with the snuff I have collected, so I mean I snuff all day long, what I think are decent sized sniffs, but I hardly make a dent in my tins, of course I switch off all the time too. I don't know if I am chemically hooked, but I find it just such a fun and enjoyable thing, I like to do it, and don't see a real reason not to.
  • My nose is fine. I'm probably taking something like 20-40 pinches a day, but I never counted. I'm more worried about my throat than my nose. I seem to have to hawk and spit a lot, or try to wash it down with hot tea. I guess I just need to blow before I think I do.
  • I pretty much take snuff all day now as it has all but replaced my cigarette habit. I've noticed I've steadily increased the amount and frequency of my nicotine dose (over the last 6 months or so) without any noticeable effects on the schnazola. I breathe much better and the sinuses are more open than they have ever been.

    I have no idea how much snuff I use a day, but my use is frequent (several times an hour, much more than when I smoked) and steady, just the way I like it, :-)
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    8-10 hits a day, usually 4-5 during work hours and the remainder in the evening.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I probably take upwards of 25 hits a day. Sometimes my nose will clog up so I will ease up for a bit, other than that, it's full speed.
  • No idea about how many pinches, but I consume about 8-10 grams a day (KB Original, London Brown, Princes and Best Dark) and have done for decades. With fine snuffs like Irish D Light daily consumption is probably no more than 6-8 grams. My old silver and rosewood snuffbox is deep and long and allows one to gather a good sized wedge of snuff.
  • I have taken snuff everyday, all day, for the last 4 months since I stopped smoking. I have noticed an improvement in my respiratory health and therefore my overall fitness. Some of the darker snuffs can give you a moustache though. How many pinches a day? Never counted, but I get through about 1-2g per day.
  • The head of addictions at a famous British University uses snuff, but he told me, “only when I want to”.
  • Everyday, all day, for about 10 years now.
  • Most days for about 30 years now, although I will have rests every now and again for a few days, not for any particular reason, just my addiction to snuff is far less agressive than my addiction to smoke was.

    The modern consensus seems to be that snuffing, without any contra indications connected to the individual, is fairly harmless along the lines of coffee drinking. I never give health concerns a second thought and there are no reported cases of dry snuff, taken nasally, causing anyhting worse than congestion from over use. Apparently one idiot got ear cancer from poking it in that particular orifice for 40 years, but to the best of my knowledge that is the sole case. And as famously stated, Wilsons have yet to have single health suit filed after over 200 years of continuous manufacture and marketing. Enjoy..
  • On days that I don't have to write any papers, it will be between 15-20 pinches a day.
    But when there is a paper (sometimes more than one) due, I will have a pinch every half hour. This is because I need to stay awake 24/7 and I found snuff can help me stay alert (with the help of pots and pots of coffee of course). It's really not healthy at all.
  • apap Member
    everyday , about 4-5 gr per day !
  • I think it's about 20-30 pinches a day. I take Schmalzler a lot, so there's a plenty going up my nostrils!
  • You can olnly judge for yourself whether or not your nose needs a break, you can usually tell as your nose will get very blocked or red and sore so snuffing isn't fun anymore, then its time for a break!

    When I first started snuffing my nose got sore on a few occasions, now I can snuff all day and my nose doesn't complain at all.
  • Has your intake gone up Laz?
  • I snuff all day everyday. I go through a box of snuff about every four to five days. The box being a poschl 7-10grams. No ill effects so far after about six months except clogging now and then but that can in part be attributed to the fact that I started using 12 hour nasal sprays and when I don't take a dose now and then the nasal passages shut off completely.
  • Roderick, I also only snuff when I want to........and I "want to" about 6 times per hour.
  • It depends on what I am doing that day and what snuff I am using. If I am writing a my computer and it is something I have to think about as I am doing it I can use 10g in a day. Most week days when I am out and about I have 4 or 5 snuffs to start my day and I would say a gram or two when I get home. I dip more during the day than snuff so I do 2 or 3 during the day.
  • I switch snuffs off and on throughout the day. It might be interesting to just use one for a day, and see how big a dent my normal usage makes in it. But I like the variety and assortment, so I don't know if I will do that.
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    Geezzz...... I'm just one step removed from being a a 'teatotaler' amongst this crowd. ;-)
  • To me it varies; some days I pinch every ten minutes, throughout the day, while other days I pinch only a few times. It depends on the snuff type also - with a dark moist snuff, I definitely pinch more often, than with a High Toast type.
  • I think I am a chain snuffer. But many times, I'll get the nose run, dab a bit, then eventually have to blow, and then to another pinch. But it is near constant use, unless I'm just busy and not just sitting at my desk. On the go, I usually grab a Poschl container. I think they make the best "on the go" snuffs.
  • I've seen myself go through 10gms in a day but this usually happens on my days off from work. I'm a maintenance technician by trade and i work in a very oily/greasy invironment so i tend not to indulge in snuffing too much in work (taking a pinch with oily hands somewhat diminishes the flavour a tad). If you ever want to call in to see me at work i'll be the one with my safety glasses covered with snuff (as they hang around my neck). My keyboard on my pc suffers the same fate.
  • No actually snuffster, probably the opposite at the moment, when I first got into snuff I was using it every single day at least 10-15 times, nowadays I rarely use it 10-15 times a week...which would explain why I'm having trouble getting through my collection!
  • If you ever want to call in to see me at work i'll be the one with my safety glasses covered with snuff (as they hang around my neck). My keyboard on my pc suffers the same fate.
    LMAO! Mine end up the same way. One of these times I'll put them on and get my eyes full of snuff. And I dumped probably a 1/2 gram out of my keyboard the other night. I guess I should have tried it.
  • One big reason I snuff alot, aside from really liking it and taking to it right away, is my very boring desk job as a file clerk. I can literally sit here all day, and snuff, and brouse the internet. of course I do get my work done too.
  • If I had a desk job I would snuff all day long but unfortunately my job involves being 'out and about' alot and its not always practical to use snuff.
  • More often when I'm not working. I don't have a desk bound job which might be good thing if taking excessive snuff is found to be actually bad for you. I like a bit of twist tobacco if I'm doing gardening or such like to keep me perked-up.
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