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Moderators wanted

AlexAlex Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Thanks to some funny guys, we seem to need more moderators besides Lazarus. Anybody willing to help out?


  • AlexAlex Member
    By the way. Thanks for the alarms guys. This is really helping, as I simply cannot read all the postings. Great work here!
  • I'd be willing to help out.
  • bertiemonsterbertiemonster Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    Hi Alex,
    I would be more than happy to help out. I am retired from work so have plenty of time on my hands,

  • bobbob Member
    I recomend snuffster!
  • apap Member
    Graham and snuffster !!!
  • I also think more mods are unescesary, maybe they do have there place just to help maintain the site or whatever but i don't think that we should allow one or two little incidences like this to cause an uproar. We are all sensible human being here and if someone wants to post a joke so be it, if someone dosn't like a joke then they don't have to read it and they most definetely shouldn't respond to it, or if they do kindly ask that the author remove it and i am certain that in most cases they will comply. We are all adults here and we all have our sensitive spots but we all have a sense of humor and understanding as well.
    Anywhere people come together socially wether for buisness or recreation there are going to be misunderstandings, misconduct, and altogether mishaps. As long as it can be handled in a decent manner which as far as a i can see usually happens (and within resonable time given the time differences) there should be no need for further intervention.
    Should a few threads become "battle" threads so be it. It's gonna happen one way or the other and as the People of snuffhouse have so far been able to hold there own i again see no reason for further intervention.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    Not needed...
    We're all grown ups and even as bad as that thread got, it ended up resolving itself...
    In my opinion, further proof that MODS are not needed...

    To be honest, I feel MODS completely destroy a forum community, the unique postings and opinions shared only become those of what a MOD feels is acceptable,
    in turn making this site more of a blog of a Moderators personal opinions that said moderator deems acceptable.

    Right now, although I may detest many of the subjects posted and discussed I'd rather they be posted so I can make my own decision on wether or not to comment and participate in a topics particular thread.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is

    I'm all grown up and prefer to make my own choices on topics to read and participate in.

    I don't want anybody deciding for me what is acceptable and what is not. I am more than capable of deciding such things myself, as I am sure most everyone here is...

    No 1 person above the rest, MODS Suck....and I say this with all do respect to Lazarus. It is just my humble opinion, and I'm glad I'm allowed to share it without anybody disagreeing and deleting it...
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    What I detect here, is, I think understandable feelings over the idea of censorship. It doesn't sit comfortably thinking that someone else is deciding on what we read and see, however moderation is in my view, different to out and out censorship. It enables the individuals of a community likes this one to be protected from discriminatory or abusive behaviour, views or jokes. It would not, as I think some may be anxious about, be used constantly by power crazed individuals, out to have their own way on this site. Rather it would hopefully serve to contain issues which may be causing real offence.
    Ideally, the majority of issues would naturally be sorted out by the membership in simple, open debate, but that is assuming that most people are nice and will behave in a sensible way. What happens when they don't?

    Let me pose a question? What happens if we get the real deal oddball here that starts to include images as attachments, what happens when we get some loon deciding to single one of us out for racist, violent, whatever remarks and just won't go away, and Alex not around - as he says - to deal. At the moment, when something does go wrong its very, very difficult to do anything quickly as I know from the time someone started sending me offensive and threatening whispers. I don't frighten easily but some little old man or woman could have been terrified.

    We just ignore it and hope it resolves itself.....?

    BTW, Poo Diddy, that thread did not resolve itself, it took several members to request that action be taken by Alex. Most of the discussion to deal with it, was private.

    In my view, moderation on this site would be used once in a blue moon. If I was asked to be a moderator I would use the 'power', as someone put it, to stop abusive, intimidating or threatening behaviour (someone once whispered me saying 'die fucking pig' on this site - I was strong enough to deal, what if I hadn't been??) or material of an offensive nature.

    Guys, this doesn't equate to being in a totalitarian world, please see it for what it is.
  • In my opinion everyone on here is a Moderator already.Read what you like and ignore what you dont.Just like in life,dont like a tv show turn it over.
    What happens if i find something offensive etc but a mod doesnt,it still gets through so no point.Gotta live your own life not anyone elses.

    Ps I hope i dont offend anyone.
    Happy snuffin one and all
  • I guess it all comes down to what to what you expect and will tolerate. If I surf the net, I don't cry like a girl if I see something I don't like or disagree with, I do what you say, move on, who cares.

    The thing is, this place, for quite a few people, is not just a random site that they surf in and out of, its more of a club and one that used to have a decent feel about it. There is no reason why it should have to be like the rest of the net, no reason why there shouldn't be a few rules about how folks behave. I really dont WANT to just move on when I see something about child abuse here, I want it removed and quick.
  • and we are not all moderators - I can't get where this idea comes from - because we can't take any action when we need to.
  • Snuffster,for me this site has a great feel about it,what i dont want is a site only with views according to snuffster,or any other wanna be moderator.

    Thankyou very much.
  • I don't think it's about inflicting views on other people. It's about ensuring that things stay civil and that members don't feel the need to leave if things get out of hand for any reason.

    I run a hobby related mailing list of around 1500 members world-wide. Apart from myself there are two co-moderators. While all three of us have the power to ban members, in practice it has been very rarely needed in the 10 years it has been on the go and the members do generally stay civil and on topic, and also tend to nudge potential problem discussions in the right direction. Where things occasionally get heated it's nearly always sufficient for one of the three of us to have a quick word off-list (here it would be a PM or whisper). The main reason for there being three of us is to cover all the time zones so that new members are okayed without too much delay, to cover for holidays and to ensure that spammers never even get a toe in the door. It all seems to work just fine like that.
  • Great post, ermtony. As I see it, this forum is rather like a members club - we all have to become members to post after all. Most clubs have rules to ensure that all members are treated equally and fairly, to make sure that it is running smoothly and to prevent undue unpleasantness. Moderators (not censors) are needed in order to do this properly.
  • Ya all might need another mod just to make sure I behave. ;)

    Actually, this is a great site with very respectfull members. I don't think another mod is needed to "keep control" but one might be needed for the other reasons already stated. Approving members and covering all the time zones. So its whaterever you all want to do is fine with me.

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  • Yep good call premium parrots but i think maybe one of the members would like to "take control".Lets keep it simple and use this site for its intended use and hopefully it will grow and get ever stronger and better.
    Happy snuffin one and all
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    Simongrant - thats pretty stupid and uninformed thing to say, im just an ordinary member who objected to some paedophile jokes one about the oral rape of a five year old - doing that is wanting to take over? Who exactly are you to suggest that.

    Im done with this, wish Id never opened my mouth
  • Whats makes you think i was referring to you snuffster? Never assume it makes as ass out of u and me.

    Take care
  • oh how funny, you got me with your rapier wit there!!
  • still laughing
  • still laughing
  • still laughing
  • still lauging Simon, oooohh you got me...........stupid
  • hey snuffster, You did us all a service opening up your f-ing mouth, and I appreciate it. I can relate to your frustration in writing about a delicate matter. It's funny how people take things. Our first line of defense against inappropriate posting is having a few clear rules that a member can tactfully reference in a whisper to an offending poster. This is fair warning that it must me edited out or the matter gets referred to Alex. This seems to be working reasonably well. I have been on other forums where mods were necesary, but I hope that's not the case here.
  • JackJack Member
    It's really easy for a mod to go on a power-trip, I've been there myself. I don't feel there's a need for new moderators , the issue we had seemed to resolve itself just fine. We don't have an issue with spam either so for the moment i would recommend against.
    I've never seen such a happy crowd of people getting along with one another, I'd hate to have it spoiled by useless moderation.

    However we could just have a thread dedicated to reporting extreme cases needing some sort of moderation so it would make your job easier. Maybe even an extra mod to cover timezone differences for new members but otherwise i don't see such a great need.

  • !!! I STILL SAY NO MODS !!!
    If you can't handle your liquor don't step up to the bar.
  • sychodelixsychodelix Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    I haven't spoke up about any of this, but I will. There really just needs to be a few basic guidelines for the forum and enough moderators so that someone will be on at all times. I'm not talking about censoring anything, I'm talking about dealing with people causing large disruptions. Mostly, the mods would only message people if there is some sort of problem, and then take further action if someone can't be respectful enough. The situation that came up with the jokes is really the only real one I've seen since I've been here, so it's not like huge changes need to be made. As long as everyone shows a little respect to each other (which 99% time there is) there shouldn't be any problems. That other 1% is what the mods are for.

    Remember, this is Alex's site, and he wouldn't have brought it up if it wasn't necessary. Anybody claiming that the problem resolved itself is not paying close enough attention, because it didn't. Alex dealt with it, after getting several complaints, and it was a while before it happened since there were no other available mods to take care of it. THAT is what we need an extra mod or two for.
  • I did not realize there were direct threats made privately towards Snuffster on this site. I myself during the same time frame was sending smart remarks publicly in his general direction. They were all in fun and seemed to have been taken that way. For the record, Snuffster is a very highly respected individual. His participation in this forum has been invaluable to me. While I do enjoy keeping up to date and informed. I am glad there are things that are handled privately and behind the scenes... Can we get a tobacco flower put up in the header somewhere? Peace!
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    I volunteered several months ago.

    I joined this site when it was still very small. I wasn't one of the first but I got here as soon as I could.

    It's inevitable as we gain more and more members that we will lose our small family feeling that made us all attracted to this site in the first place. Unfortunately, the reality is that any good forum is either very small or has moderators. When we started and nobody knew about us we could keep the posts under control. Those of us who were here when a certain person went mad dog on several of the members (I believe this is what snuffster referred to) know how unpleasant it was around here for a few days. We had another episode recently which I found distasteful. I don't think the members should have to put up with personal attacks and the only way to guarantee that, since unfortunately not everyone conducts themselves as gentlemen, is to have moderation. That doesn't have to equal censorship and a good mod knows the difference.
  • AlexAlex Member
    A moderator so far, can only close a discussion and sink it. He cannot delete it. That is still in my hands. His / her role would only be to keep me informed and stop a thread if it gets out of control. I can always open up a closed thread again. No danger, that a moderator would ever take over control.

    It's just about that my time to action is not always as fast as I would wish. I really appreciate the discussion about pro's and con's. The many con's just speak for the good membership we have here, I guess.

    No final decission so far. Keep the fun! :-)
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