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Toque Samples - Long delays

RoderickRoderick Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Hi All,
I just wanted to apologise to anyone waiting for samples.
In the last two months we have had 1000's of requests for samples from Lithuania and this has caused us a great deal of problems. It appears there is a site for freeloaders that tells members of that forum where they can get products without paying. This is a great shame as we are unable to distinguish between genuine honest Lithuanian snuff users and those just trying to get something for nothing. We have reluctantly taken the decision not to send anymore samples to Lithuania. We also found that a lot of the samples we did send were being returned by Lithuanian customs. Once we clear the back log we will resume sending samples to all other countries.


  • Wow that is really a shame.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    This is the reason I do not ask for samples. I feel like I am taking advantage of a service. I did ask for samples from Dholakia when they first came around, but I also could not but any of their snuffs. Plus, if I can afford to buy the snuff, why not just buy it?

    I'm surprised that Lithuania is where all of this is originating. Sorry that you are getting Shanghaied, Roderick.
  • what a pain.... well maybe with all those sample floating around over there it will catch on and work out for you anyway :), or maybe that's me just being optimistic.
  • Thanks Guys, I just feel sorry for the honest Lithuanians who would like to try snuff. Having said that I've had a few honest Lithuanians ordering today and apologising for their fellow countrymen, which they shouldn’t have to do.
  • There are websites all over devoted to scouring the internet for anything free. People order it whether they are interested in the products or not.
  • I will take samples of something I might be interested in. I won't take ones for something I know I'll like. Even if I think I won't like something I figure it's effective advertising for the person sending the sample. Can't get a better discription of a snuff from anywhere but ones own nose.
  • hello Roderick,
    we did receive hundreds and hundreds of mails request for free samples from Poland ,Lithuania we did send to few but after that ,understood and stoped sending.
    now once again RUSSIAN..started mailing for free samples.unable to understan between fake and true snuff users .so decided to send samples to all retailors who can distribute DHOLAKIA SNUFF samples to real users.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    Namatra Thank you, that is an excellent idea thanks for sharing it.
  • most wellcome sir!
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