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Invent your own - MIXING SNUFFS!!!

edited February 2009 in Types of Snuff
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  • rose of sharrow and french carrote by F&T one to one mix. Very tasty almost candy like but not overly so.
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  • Snuffster and I have both been mixing FUBAR Grunt with FUBAR Shot of Rum. I use roughly a 50/50 ratio. I don't know what he uses. It makes a nice tropical flavor. If you ever had Malibu Rum (or some other coconut rum) it tastes like that. I don't have a name for it. Maybe Malibu Grunt.
  • I have done quite a few custom snuffs, both by mixing, and by adding my own flavors to some snuff. Currently in my snuffbox is: J&H Wilson's Medicated No. 99, McChrystal's Clove, Gawith Hoggarth Sea Breezes, Wilson's of Sharrow Jasmine, and Best SP. It is so far my best custom blend.
  • Old: I have been using Lotzbeck's Brasil and sorta wishing it had just a bit more 'kick' to it. I'm gonna have to find some Burton's and try your "Mule Kick".

    Old, I can find no info on the Internet about Lotzbeck’s Brasil - what kind of snuff is it???!

    Xan and Leman, thanks for sharing. The Malibu Grunt sounds good!!!

    Leman, how do you 'add flavours' to your snuffs???!
  • You can add flavors to snuff in a few different ways. If the flavor you want is in a liquid form you can add a few drops directly to the snuff, but do this very very slowly, you can always add more, but you can't take it back out. Or you put some snuff in a container with a lid, and put a small saucer of the flavor in the middle of the container with the snuff around it. Then put the lid on it, and let it sit. The liquid will evaporate and then be absorbed by the snuff. If there is a spice you want to add, you can add that directly to the snuff as well, but like with a liquid you'll want to add it just a little at a time. Or you can take a solid such as some orange or lemon peels, and put them in a sealed container with the snuff to absorb the flavor that way. I have also added lemon, almond, vanilla, and a few other extracts that you can find along with spices in the grocery store. Make sure you just use pure extract, and not artificial. My experience with the artificial is you'll end up with just a sticky ball of tobacco. Once again, add just a little at a time. So far the best snuff I've found for custom flavoring is Toque Natural, but you can use just about anything you want. Basically just experiment, you'll probably end up with a few duds, but you'll probably end up with some wonderful blends, with the pride in knowing you did it yourself.

    This post got a little longer than I was planning, but I hope it helps.
  • edited February 2009 PM
    Leman: "This post got a little longer than I was planning, but I hope it helps."

    NO!!! Not at all, long is good…especially since your post had a bunch of good information.

    I have always liked lemon and mint - my Wife has some ‘pure lemon extract’ and some ’pure mint extract’, and I have some Dental Mild - so here goes……….

    I’ll tell y’all how it turns out.

    Thanks, Leman, for your reply!!!
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  • Old: "Lotzbeck Brasil is a dry full tobac flavor.

    I've sampled some flavored ones and don't care for them. I don't want tobacco that tastes like candy or fruit, and I sure don't like snorting menthol."

    Thanks for the reply!!!

    I too like ‘just’ tobacco. Out of all my pipe tobaccos, I have only one aromatic: a light cherry blend (and I mean very light!!!). I am a VA fan with my pipe tobaccos, I have developed my palette (learned to enjoy) so I can actually taste and savor the ‘pure sweetness’ of just good VA (Virginia) tobacco.

    And even though very ‘new’ to snuff, I can appreciate the ‘just good tobacco’ flavour of F&T, HDT, and the American Snuffs (though I am fighting the ‘over-snuffing’ syndrome with them at this time).

    BUT, in the ‘snuff’ world I think I may be a little more adventurous. One of the first snuffs I ever tried was Wilson’s Crumbs of Comfort (a bit of menthol, and much spearmint) - I can feel sure I am right, when I say, as long as I remain a snuffer, CoC will be in my rotation.

    I have some Dental Mild cooking up with some ‘extract’ as I type - more on that later.

    Old, I think since you like ‘just’ tobacco snuff, with no flavour - then mixing some Bruton with your Lotzbeck Brasil will give you the ‘nic-kic’ you are looking for.

    When you mix some up, let us know how it is!!!
  • How did the mix go snuffy?

  • edited February 2009 PM

    It was so BAAAAAAAAAAAAD that I've given up ALL tobacco products........... :^O ......ROFL!!!

    Let me be the 'human guinea pig' a few days, before I give a full report - but things are looking pretty good for now.

    I want to sniff it a few days and make sure there is no adverse effects on my nose or sinuses and make sure the ‘new mix’ retains it scent and flavour. But, so far, so good.

    I’ll report back Wednesday afternoon.

    Stefan, have you ever had any success with mixin' snuffs???!

    ANY OTHER ‘MIXERS’ OUT THERE????????????!!!!!!!!
  • I've only tried one mix so far which involved a bit of Toque W&H, IHDT22, and a few others I forget. It was alright, but the W&H pretty much overshadowed everything. I'll have to give it another shot sometimes.
  • I still recomend when your tins are almost done dumping the remainders together. Which might suck or rock but it's always interesting. Going to go do that now.
  • As Xander says, grunt and shot of rum, I also use a half and half mix.
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  • @ NickKick: Sea voyage?
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  • Interesting terminology. Any other lingo I should be aware of?
  • Alex, have you ever asked a question and later thought: "I should have never asked that question!", well, listening to NickKick, sounds like he is as full of mischief as I am, so, Alex, this could be one of those times...ROFL!!!

    NK, I anxiously await your answer also... ;^) …LOL!!!
  • So i once mixed Pöschls Löwenprise with White Elefant. White Elefant is a terrible, very fine herb mixture (no tobacco) produced somewhere in India i thing, able to blow your head off. But it is so fine milled, that i was unable to sniff it without lungs disaster :-) So I mixed it and arose something aplicable and still very kicking with the power of a cow. I used it effectively when driving a lot during nighttime.
  • A couple personal favorites:

    Chocolate Square - equal parts Square & Toque Chocolate.
    Parisian Toast - equal parts Old Paris & HDT
  • Big AlBig Al Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    My latest creation is FUBAR Grunt 30% Tom Buck 30% Samuel Gawith SP No1 High Mill 30% Hedges L260 5% McChrystals O&G 5% this makes a really nice powerful snuff with a menthol lift that avoids the congestion from the menthols and takes the harsh back your throat edges off the Grunt and Tom Buck. I leave this for a day or two to settle down and the result is a very fine all day snuff i would be very suprised if anyone who tried this did not enjoy it.
  • I've been enjoying a delicious 50/50 mixture of Toque Pomegranate and Blueberry Menthol. I snuffed through the original few grams in record time and mixed up another batch. Delicious!
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  • Mmmm...molasses, fruits and rum. The combination of those would make a REALLY tasty snuff. Roderick, get to it! :P
  • I don't know if this might be sacrligeous for some but, I put F&T HDT in a smash box of one of the American sweets that wasn't entirely empty and it was just what I was looking for. It tones down the BBQ-ness just enough for me, I mean I'll just go for the Garrett scotch if it's for the BBQ-ness.

    Another fair success was 50% Wilson's R&B 50% F&T Santo Domingo the first two in my collection, which might be my own justification for it's plyability but it's held its own. (That Santo Domingo is honest tobacco, this brings it out)

    I have had a lot of flops and unfortunately "wasted" snuff. but at least half of those mixtures were dried-out. for example:

    Flop #1: 5% QWS Jasmin, QWS 5% Sandalwood, 10% Sparrow Cool, 80% Old Garrett -- For a little while (several sniffs) I thought I happened upon what I'd call "Dojo," but I really disliked that Jasmin.

    Flop#2: 20% Manjul 30% Shot of Rum 50% F&T HDT -- One wouldn't believe it but Garlic?! FLOP indeed

    Flop#3: Cap of Jagermeister, 10 gr Old SM 500, 15 gr Old Garrett sweet, 5 gr Cherry Blossom Green tea -- I'm reckless, what can I say? This turned out decent, I would've called it "Conscious Comfort," but dried out my nose like Nosebody's business.

    I'm still at it though. I stare at my collection; sake cup in hand, and pour whichever (MIX) before I sit in front of the tube.
  • One mix I like is 40% Toque Coffee 40% Toque Chocolate and 20% Wilsons Cinnamon. Can't beat that in my opinion.

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  • It is not a mix but....... get your hands on some Kendale Cream Flake, grind it up......
    I love it!
    I actually blend it just a tad with Toque original.
    i really enjoy grinding pipe tobacco because of the Nicotine levels are huge!
  • I'm glad you mentioned that nightcap. I have some Black Irish Twist XX (or rope, something like that) that i ground up and forgot about as I was letting it dry. Well I just tried it. It's very strong. I just wish I could get it to finer grind. I don't have much to work with at the moment.

    But back to topic - I find the Dekralingse latakias mix wonderfully with American scotches. I was enjoying some Levi Garett with the Latakia 1860 this morning though I enjoy the A/P mix more.
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