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Magic Mix

Big AlBig Al Member
edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Well inspired by having a couple of snuffs in my collection that are not to my taste i have made my first mix and the results are so extraodinary that i have decided to share. I have mixed the following into a 10g empty toque tin measured out with a salt spoon. 10 spoons toque cherry, 5 spoons rooster, 5 spoons wilsons irish coffee, 5 spoons FUBAR grunt, 5 spoons W.E Garret sweet. I shook the tin containing the new mix for ten minutes and had a couple pinches. The cherry comes through though without the original sharpness but the nicotine hit far surpasses anything i have tried so far, so much so that i am having palpitations and my hands are shaking as i type. The only ones here i was not keen on are the cherry and irish coffee now i think i will have to keep them in just to make this mix wow. if anyone wants to try this beware it kicks like a mule and if you have a good mix of your own please share it too.


  • One of my favorite mixes is Levi garret and Toque vanilla
  • thanks matt, its a shame we can't get the Levi garret over here in the UK its one i would love to try
  • I forget that... Strange how hardly anyone carries it.
  • I've just made my second mix 2 spoons rooster, 2 spoons square, 2 spoons red seal, 2 spoons irish coffee and 5 spoons grunt what a lovely wake up call. I now understand why this works so well for me its because where i have been taking delicate sniffs of my american snuffs to avoid a lot of snuff going back my throat adding the grunt and and coffee has changed the snuff from a fine grind to a light fluffy snuff that you can take huge pinches of without drainage at all, this is a welcome discovery.
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