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edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Ladies and gentlemen, what do you do to unwind and get rid of your stress, other than to take some snuff? I like cycling, on as well as off road. I own a hybrid as well as a mountain bike and I prefer riding the latter. I take part in funrides and find riding my bikes very relaxing. I carry a couple of stents, 6 in total, in my chest and one leg and the excercise is also good for me and according to docters orders.

If this post is to far off topic, please ignore it.


  • And my 'other' hobby! LOL! We were in Annapolis MD at the time.



  • edited December 2008 PM
    WOW Tom !!!!!!!!!! Is it a "fat boy" ? It is B E A U T I F U L !!! I'm crazy about motorbikes but to old to ride anymore. That's why I "transfered" to bicycles, love to be on 2 wheels. I love going downhill on my mtb at break neck speed. My nickname is SpeedyPete !!!

    Can't see the second hobby's face, mind to post another picture???

  • edited December 2008 PM
    Beautifull bike ya got there. Same with the woman. Is that Mrs. Bakdoor? lol

    I've had several motorcycles in my lifetime. I'm also too old to ride now so I have a 75 MG Midget [mint] so I still have 4 wheels under me. Altho they are really small wheels, its still real fun.

    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • Pieter, '05' Heritage Softail. I also have an '00' Custom Fatboy and a 150cc Scooter.

    PP LOL! That's my sweetheart!


  • Music helps me relax and playing music makes me very content indeed. My avatar here is a bass clef, a clue to my instrument of choice.

    I love riding bikes and motorbikes too. Too bad every bicycle I've ever owned has been stolen. Must have lost half a dozen over the years. My favorite was an old Fuji touring model from the mid '80s, I used to go for long ride early every morning for an hour or so. Never been in better shape than back then. Now I have a '97 Yamaha Virago 1100 twin. I'd prefer a BMW touring model, but it's beyond my means right now. The Yami is getting some refurbishment this winter hopefully in time for spring rides. I like taking off to the mountains two hours from here when the weather gets unbearable in summer.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Some of my hobbies:

    Gold Panning & Dredging, Metal Detecting, Gemstone hunting, Wild Mushroom Hunting, Disc Golf, Hunting-Shooting, Archery, Fishing, Billiards, Darts, 4 Wheeling in the Jeep & taking my 3 wheeler out, Big Vegetable Garden, Hiking, Camping, Coin Collecting, occasionally I take the mountain bike out - I have a Gary Fisher Big Sur.
  • bass guitar
  • Trout, when do you find time to work?!!!!! But, you are still a youngster, so ENJOY life while you still can. Time goes by so fast.
  • I've checked out the Big Sur on the net, it's a beauty with up market specs. I ride a Felt Virtue 2 mtb and a GT Zaskar hybrid.
  • edited December 2008 PM
    I'm a gamer. Mostly role-playing games though I like to do a bit of wargaming. I've already identified some fellow snuffing gamers elsewhere....
  • Pieter,

    You have to make time to enjoy life or whats the point.
  • My hobbies would also include bicycling. There's a century ride not too far from me every spring for the American Cancer Society, that I've ridden the last two years. Last year I raised over $500 for it. I do a little gaming, Sid Meier's Civilization on the PC, and I enjoy my Wii. I do a lot of squirrel hunting, and target shooting. I handload shotgun, and pistol ammo. Woodworking, especially lathe work. And of course spending time with my wife.
  • I enjoy learning alternative history, the real things that they don't teach in school, studying law, listening to heavy metal and classical music and I can't forget talk radio. On the more artistic side, I like wood carving, landscape painting and building tube audio equipment.
  • And as mentioned elsewhere I'm another wargamer and military history buff. I even managed to make a business out of it.

  • blues guitar
  • Martial Arts, Farming (vegatables), Fishing, Girlfriend :), some others but those are the main ones.
  • I forgot Orchids! Go figure! LOL!



  • Johndeere89, does your girlfriend read your posts?? For your sake I hope not!!!

    Tom, those orchids are beautiful but it needs a lot of attention and nursing. I'm to impatient for that. I admire people like you who can do it.
  • I enjoy playing and watching baseball (I support the Red Sox) going to church, watching my DVD collection and walking with my wife and son.
  • I enjoy marquetry, meditation, reading, fishing and playing my harmonica.

  • Johndeere89Johndeere89 Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    @PieterC, i dont think so but if she did she has a sense of humor as well so it would be alright we've been together for three years so it would take something more than that to really piss her off lol... id post a pick but i dont seem to understand how.
    Edit: and by the way tom awesome hobby i too grow many flowers (and vegetables but thats my moneymaker) havnt really got into orchids yet but ive always wanted too.
  • Here's a few more of what I have in bloom at the moment.



  • This one has a wonderful fragrance, but only at night!

  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Orchids are beautiful things. Tulips as well, I saw a discovery channel prog about tulips, people made millions out of them in the 1600's, fascinating. My full list of hobbies would be, apart from snuff, and in no order:

    1. Playing blues guitar (lead, strat)
    2. Literature
    3. History (British, millitary, social)
    4. Cooking (Italian, English)
    5. Travel (favourite places - UK, US, Greece, France)
    6. Alcohol
    7. Going to Church
    8. Being with wife and kids
    9. My job, still enjoy it after 20 years.
    10. Painting
  • Richard Dawkins books are my favorites at this moment!!
  • Just reading 'The Appeal' by Grisham. good court room stuff.
  • Tom - Gorgeous orchids, From the little I know about growing them, they are an obsession not a hobby.
    Johndeer - Have you ever thought about putting in a tobacco patch?
  • What's Hapkido? I'm guessing it's a martial art but I don't want to make any assumptions.
  • @Jarhog, yes i've thought of it but wasnt sure if it would grow in my area (michigan) and im not sure where to get seeds if i find some though i could always try in the greenhouse if my seasons to short thinking more heavily about it now that i know about snuff though so maybe ill try it this spring.
    @Tom, very nice looking plants you got there.
    @midnightmosesuk, yes hapkido is a martial art.
  • hapkido is aikido (japanese). but some koreans claim that there is a korean hapkido-tradition, which is a lie.

    i myself do board games, miniature wargaming, calligraphy, sword fighting. i guess manju studies is rather some kind of hobby too.
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