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Stress make you snuffing more?

Lore79Lore79 Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
In two days I'm almost run out of snuff, but what a days! Here the weather is very bad, some roads has been destroyed, Rivers will flood out soon... And emergency services are on alert, so me and my squad are too. I haven't seen home for three days, 'cause interventions and/or availebleness for side emergency. Well I'm really stressed this days and I have snuffed very much for my standard (about 10 grams a day). Can stressful situations increase the need of snuffing? Have you ever had a moment when you needed more snuff than usual?


  • I find that if the emergency involves going out to help someone or something like that I don't have time to snuff and I just take a dip and go. The stressful situation that I do go through a bunch is when I am doing school work and wading through long legal opinions and statutes to find the legal points I need for my paper. A few weeks ago I went through a 5g of wilsons jockey club and half a 10g of toque original in one evening. I think that is the most I have used in 1 day.
  • Well, using a snuff bullet don't take so munch time, just few seconds. Yes, the emergency involves going out and help someone, I'm in the local rescue/civil protection team as member of the italian red cross. And this days all us ( from fire brigade to the police) are working hard either in prevention as in actual rescues. The turn is 8 hour per day, and in this time I don't snuff munch, but when I've finished my turn, I'm starting do it very hard.
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