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Whats in your mix today?

As some of you may know I am not a snuff addict but I AM A CRUMBS OF COMFORT addict, I would sniff that stuff if it was made with fremented camel droppings. Anyhow, I recently tried some McCrystals original and immediately realised that what I was sniffing was Crumbs of Comfort with extra menthol...yes McCrystals is almost Crumbs but a little stronger.As for mixing the two its a match made in heaven with the McCrystals enhancing the power without destroyig the aroma. I wonder what mixes you currently favour?


  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    I mostly mix some remnants together to use them up conveniently. So I have a blend of plains, a blend of sps and a blend of medicateds at the moment. But I recently had a mixture of KB scented with Scotch Black, that was pretty good.
  • Interesting Mr_O It took me a while to discover that mixing seems to work best when done in family groups, sp with sp, menthol with menthol.

  • If i mix with flavous far apart the results are (excuse the pun) mixed.....

  • volungevolunge Member
    Pure menthol snuffs (like WoS M and Extra M) pair nicely with florals.

    It's been a while since I mixed snuffs - don't even recall, what it was last time.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Yeah, I am cautious about mixing stuff that s not in the same genre. So, as they say, it seems wise to make very small batches. Not very inspired at the moment, myself.
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