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Tonka Bean Scented Snuff

Interested in trying a snuff scented with tonka beans. Elmos Reserve is sold out on mr. snuff and has been for a few weeks.
Anyone know other varieties that use the tonka scent? Or am I better off scenting my own?


  • I'm just not sure about this.  Are you aware of the health issues?  I am looking at flavour similar alternatives.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    Wilsons of Sharrow have Tonka beans for sale on their site.
    I have possibly tried a snuff with Tonka bean smell, but have no idea really what it smells like.
    Can anyone name any other makers snuffs that smell of Tonka bean?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 16 PM
    A piece of good news, Elmo's alive - has recently restocked it. You can find it in the SG drop-down list here:

    I'm a big fan of tonka-scented snuff and had a nice time reading online available publications and studies about coumarine safety and risks. Unless you have a rare sensitivity to coumarine, tiny amount of tonka bean in snuff is safe (steer clear of it, if you are in bad terms with Cinnamomum species!). By tiny amount I really mean it - tonka is super strong flavourant, one whole bean (non crushed/non-powdered) placed in 25 g of plain moist snuff and left in the tin overnight does the scenting job. Surely, if you dig the scent and want it even stronger, you can leave it in the tin for longer - till the last pinch. There's absolutely no need to add crushed/ground/powdered bean or use tincture/extract/essential oil or absolute. And yes, you can use the same bean several times.

    I had great results with Taxi Red, NTSU Black, Neftobak and fresh WoS Plain (Natural) - moist/medium moist snuffs, coarse and medium fine. Moist and coarse snuffs absorb flavour faster.
  • GormurGormur Member
    Good to hear.  I'll have WoS Plain soon alongside Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve and undiluted tonka bean oil

    Rest assured I'll be cautious.  I'm more concerned about upsetting my stomach than a toxic overdose.  That surely would ruin one's experience
  • volungevolunge Member
    @ArtChoo, SG Red Crest Scented. The discontinued coarser one. The tin I had was mislabeled as Red Crest. Later on I got my hands on some tins of Red Crest Scented, which all were mislabeled and actually contained plain, finer version.
  • Thanks all. I think I'll buy a few beans and give it a go.
    @Roderick: Regarding health concerns: for occasional use it is considerably more dangerous than cinnamon... Its not something i would snuff multiple times daily for any extended period of time for sure.
    If you are looking to simulate it then mix vanilla, cherry, almond, and cinnamon, you'll have to play with the ratios a little till you nail it down.
    @Gormur: Careful with the oil, that could get dangerous fast.
  • Bryceton, Thank you for backing me up.  I sometimes feel I am on the edge but so many of you guys come up to bat for me.  

    I won't use chemicals in my snuff and I won't use anything that I think might put anyone at risk.  Some might argue why are you in the tobacco business but very, very few realise there is bad tobacco and there is good tobacco.  Unsmoked tobacco will prove its self one day.  Just like tobacco flowers are fighting cancer now.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 20 PM

    Since 2011, new European maximum levels have applied to coumarin in certain ready-to-eat foods. The Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) of 0.1 mg of coumarin per kg of body weight which can be consumed every day
    throughout one's life without any adverse health effects continues to apply

    Tonka beans contain 1-3% of coumarin, and in rare cases even up to 10%. @Gormur, don't use the undiluted oil, extract or any other concentrated form of tonka beans, including powdered tonka bean, for scenting snuff. Besides health issues, it cannot be stressed enough how strong coumarin scent is. Just one example. As mentioned in this study, it was reported that coumarin contributes to the sweet odour of Japanese and Chinese green tea. There's a refference to other study, which analysed Japanese green tea sample and detected 0.26 to 0.88 micrograms of coumarin per 1 gram of dried tea (260 to 880 mg / 0.26 g to 0.88 g per 1 kg; that is a mere 0.026-0.088% by weight). Being very penetrating and intense, coumarine has a strong staying power as well. It's easy to scent a pinch, taking some snuff with fingers after merely touching a bean. A snuffbox which hosted a bean will "ghost" it for long.

    I bought a bag of tonka from Wilsons of Sharrow and followed their basic hint in the item description: "Tonquin Beans can be used to flavour snuff or tobacco. Simply adding a bean to a tin of snuff or tobacco can change its character considerably."
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited July 20 PM
    I personally love the tonka bean scent and use tonka beans to flavour plain snuffs all the time, just soak a bean in water overnight and throw it in your snuffbox, it keeps the snuff moist and scents it at the same time and 1 bean lasts a long time before it loses its scent.
    When it dries out just rehydrate it.
    Rustica mixes SOO GOOD with tonka beans.

    PS There will be major ghosting if you put a tonka bean in a wood snuffbox, I have a dedicated tonka bean snuffbox.
  • GormurGormur Member
    I'm impressed by this stuff, mixed with Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain over a few hours.  Good thing because it tasted like hay before that; not that that's a bad thing

    I won't recommend this to anybody though since it could be unhealthy if you add too much.  I probably just lucked out

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited July 21 PM
    Oh I've enjoyed many grams in a day, many o days <:-P

    Of SG Elmo
  • GormurGormur Member
    @ar47 Exactly, I haven't gotten that yet.  It will be nice to compare the two
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