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Revolutionary Snuff

If you like olde timey snuff, then F&T Seville is definitely for you. I imagine George Washington spooning a little on the back of his hand before crossing the Potomac. Maybe Benjamin Franklin boxcars a smidge before walking past the Liberty Bell. And, I like to think Francis Scott Key took a small pinch between his fingers before putting quill pen to oaper.


  • What is it about it that makes you see it this way? Is it the grind, the taste?
  • I think the aroma. Many scents from that period are similar.
  • Yes, heavily perfumed to cover the scent of body odor and manure...
  • dasrdasr Member
    edited June 26 PM
    @snuffalufagis I doubt that a snuff of today with some citrus scent would cover the body odor and manure

    It became the custom for people of rank to superintend the making of the special fragrances they favoured.  The Prince of Conde, for instance, always had his favourite snuff scented in his presence.  The Duchesse d Aumonts scent was known as a la Marechale (she was married to the Marshall of France), and was created from coriander, sweet flag (iris) and nut grass.  Madame du Barry s favourite scent (shes on the right) came from an Italian perfumer, Giovanni Maria Farina Aqua Mirabilis, the original eau de Cologne (as it became known as), upliftingly scented with bergamot, neroli, lavender, rosemary, in grape spirit.

    Louis took the trend for perfumery to new heights, by commissioning his perfumer to create a new scent for each day of the week. He insisted on having his shirts perfumed with something called Aqua Angeli composed of aloes-wood, nutmeg, storax, cloves and benzoin, boiled in rosewater of a quantity as may cover four fingers. It was simmered for a day and night before jasmine and orange flower water and a few grains of musk were added. 
  • Im just saying Seville is way to much for me...
  • volungevolunge Member
    It seems that Martha Washington favoured Best Violet Strasbourg, which might be somewhat akin to SWS Roslein. George Washington himself was indulging in Scotch snuff (I would dare to guess it was probably plain and akin to SG Scotch Black/Viking Scotch Dark).

    Just like many folks nowadays, Washingtons ordered snuff from overseas. Invoice of sundry goods to be shipped for the use of George Washington lists 3 lbs. Best Violet Strasbourg and 3 lbs. of Best Scotch Snuff among other items. Sources: Enumeration of the inhabitants of the city of Glasgow and county of Lanark. For the Government Census of M.DCCC.XXXI. With Population and Statistical Tables Relative to England and Scotland (available in Google Library as e-book) and this thread

  • dasrdasr Member
    edited June 27 PM
    interesting! My quote about Louis XIV:

  • volungevolunge Member
    Apparently my guess was wrong. Scotch - tobacco stalks, high dried and finely pulverized. (page 28; chapter about snuff - 25-29).
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