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Toque issue

DanielODanielO Member
I ordered some snuff from Toque over the weekend. I hadn't heard anything back by Monday evening, so I emailed
It's now Tuesday afternoon and I still haven't heard anything. Is Roderick sick? On vacation? Anyone know?


  • RoderickRoderick Member
    I'm here, my email is please try again Daniel. However, I think I have found the problem. You placed an order at 3.58am our time and when we emailed yesterday to say the order had completed it was bounced back to us as spam.  Unfortunately, this happens quite often as we send out so many completed emails.

    If you check your firewalls you might be able to sort this. Rest assured your order is on its way.
  • DanielODanielO Member
    Ugh. The only thing that's more of a pain than spam filters is actual spam. Thanks for the response.
    This is probably one of those things I need to fix in my godaddy account, but I have no idea how. :)
    Thanks again.

  • I'm still waiting after 34 DAYS for an order that I NEVER received a Shipping Confirmation.
  • RS422RS422 Member
    @xxx777xxx Go to your account on the Toque website and look at the last order you placed. It should say shipped or dispatched and the date it was shipped. Most orders are taking over 30 days to get to the states because of the virus. Mine took 36 to get to Arizona.
  • It just says "Completed", not shipped or dispatched.

    In the now 37 days I've been waiting I ordered a table cloth from LATVIA, and received it in 23 Days!

    TWENTY THREE DAYS from Latvia and I'm still waiting 37+ Days from Toque in U.K.!

    I still think Toque never shipped it since I never received an e-mail confirmation that it has shipped.
  • GunnarGunnar Member
    Have you reached out to them?
  • When toque says completed it means shipped. The owner of toque posted right before your first post @xxx777xxx. Ask Roderick
  • XXX, Email me and tell me your order number. As Snuffalufagis says completed means completed. I has left our warehouse and is on its way. I've just had some one tell me an order they placed in May has arrived but an order they placed in April still hasn't.  All orders are guaranteed delivery. 
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