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SG lb drum... Decant or not?

Hi all, I have a lb drum of sg high mill I bought two years ago in a lb plastic drum for far future snuff needs. I don't want to open it and let air in! I was wondering will this stay sealed and fresh for years in their drums, or should I decant it in to glass? Thanks for your opinions.


  • CobguyCobguy Member

    IMHO, you can't beat mason jars for longevity.
    Besides, once you do open it you're not going to go through a pound very fast.
    I'd put it in a flat of small jars that can be opened as you go.

  • Cheers. People always mention mason jars on here, are you talking about ones with glass lids and rubber seals or the ones with metal screw caps? Thank you.

    I was thinking, and call me mad, of buying mini bottles with corks, hold about 10 grams, filling them and then sealing the corks with wine bottle sealing wax... Would look pretty... Do you think that would work?

    You see I worry about metal lids on mason jars, as I think they are aluminium.

  • volungevolunge Member
    @guinessandsnuff, bottles and wax sounds good, but you should not worry about aluminium lids - snuff would not be in direct contact with them, if you leave 0.5-1 cm space. I'm not a stash keeper, but I'm pretty sure any sterilized glass jar for preserves or glass bottle with airtight lid/cap would do the job.

    Mason jars are not common in Europe, at least in this eastern part I'm in.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    I was referring to the glass jars with metal screw caps but your idea of corked bottles sealed with wax is quite romantic and will look amazing!  However, that will require filling and sealing approximately 45 little bottles so maybe a dozen like that and the rest in glass jars for longer storage.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    @SammyD13 found some great ~50g glass jars with ceramic lids that clasp around a clear rubber grommet - Sam do you have a link to those?

    I agree breaking it up into smaller quantities is desirable so you aren't going back to the Big well every time you fill a tin. But 45 jars man that's just too much work!
  • Those jars look great, I might look for those on Amazon UK. However, ar47, glass with ceramic lids sound wonderful! I hope the link turns up. 45 does sound a lot, by still on lockdown here in UK and plenty of time lol.
  • A search for bail wire jars turns up all different size options. I found I can pack 25g into 1 2oz jar (most times). The Samuel Irish D filled 1 1/3 jars. I packed 30g of fubar black coffee and fubar toasted into 1 as well. Silicon is fully inert and food safe, ie, no off gassing or contamination of aroma. For a little over a buck apiece I couldnt pass em up.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    I don't think I've seen Sam on here for several months.  Hope all is well! 

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