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Bernard Brasil Doppelt-Fermentiert Nicotine?

As above, can anyone tell me how strong in nicotine this snuff is please

I am hoping to use it for helping to quit smoking
I know there are a multitude of other snuffs out there like quit and I have probably close to 100 tins but I really like the sound of this snuff and its flavour profile so wondered about using it as an all dayer and cigarette replacement

Many thanks :)


  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited March 4 PM
    Reeeally good snuff. True definition of complex aroma, but regarding vitamin N amounts? It was not much for me from what I remember.
    Never been a smoker tho so cant speak on this matter. However I think you could mix it with some similar but stronger coarse grind snuff of choice
  • HumppaHumppa Member
    Well.. the Doppelt Fermentiert aka Schmalzlerfranzl Original is IMO one of the two weakest of the Bernard Schmalzlers.

    The Aecht Altbayerischer and the Aecht Fresko are the stronger ones - according to nicotine.

    Personally prefer the Aecht Altbayerischer as my favorite Schmalzler, in general. The Schmalzlerfranzl Original as well as the Brasil Feinst / Schmalzlerfranzl Gold are the two weaker ones in nicotine.

    If you like Schmalzler and want so nicotine hit. I d recommend you the Aecht Fresko or the Aecht Altbayerischer Schmalzler.

    But in taste / scent the Schmalzlerfranzl Original is a good choice.
  • One schmalzler that I find very satisfying both nicotine and scent,is the Oderlander from Rosinski!
    And good price too. 
  • HumppaHumppa Member
    That being said - the real steal for the deal is IMO the Poschl Perlesreuther.

    You can get a brick of 100 gr. for a few bucks.

    Great taste as well. You should give it a try.
  • Thanks everyone I will see how I get on with it
    Ive ordered a few tap boxes of it but I also ordered Gekachelter Virginie and white elephant so I shant be lacking nicotine in my snuff stores!
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