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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

Order pickup? USPS

Well, I have finally ventured into the world of online orders given my usual spot stocked up on something I'm not too keen on. And the only other snuff I can get, WE Garrett, is just impossible for me to take, let alone enjoy.

So I've ordered some from Mcchrystals directly, not the Mr Snuff lookalike website. Although it all comes from the UK in this instance either way which leads me to my question. After reading all about customs and PACT act and USPS etc, do I need to be prepared to go pick up my package from the post office? And pay some other import tax once I get there? Or will they just drop it in my mailbox? Its going to be a several week wait I understand. But considering that I'll still be slightly anxious until its in my hands, I'd rather know everything from the get go. It was about a $25 order, 70 grams total.


  • It'l be dropped in your mailbox. No worries.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited February 22 PM
    Recently my Snuff.me orders have been requiring signature but MrSnuff has not. Either way they are not going to ask for tax and you won't be in trouble
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